The web was spun on the first weekend of Charlotte’s Web


Samantha Franks, Hannah Lee, and Hailey Cox

Come see these birds, played by seniors Riley Conrad and Drue Wigton and junior Louis Santia, for a chance to take a photo-op with them. Photo by: Hannah Lee

Each year Ventura High School’s drama department puts on one play and one musical. This years play is based off of the childhood movie and book, “Charlotte’s Web.”  On Thursday, October 5 Charlotte’s Web opened it’s doors for their first performance.

The play runs for about an hour with a 15 minute intermission. The VHS students have had about a month and half to get ready for their performance. This is the first time Rossiter has put together a play in such a short amount of time.

The play runs from October 5 to 7 and October 12 to 13 at 7 p.m. as well as October 8 and 14 at 2 p.m.

The play consists of a variety of students- freshmen to seniors- who according to the cast, have all been working hard to prepare.

When asked how opening night went, junior Ren Tallent, who played Wilbur, said that “It went super duper well! For an opening night this was a great show!”

Wilbur and the rest of his group are at the county fair. Photo by: Hannah Lee


Senior Courtney Caldwell, who has been acting since her freshman year, played Charlotte. Caldwell says that “[On opening night] we had a little bit of technical issues but we pulled through and we did as best as we could and it all went really well! I just know it’s going to get easier from here so it’s gonna be great.”

Tallent takes the stage as Wilbur. Photo by: Hailey Cox

When asked what her favorite thing about playing the goose was, senior Kaitlyn Hildebrand responded: “I could really have fun with the character, make it my own, and make the audience laugh.”

Hildebrand shared that the funniest moment during a rehearsal was “The first night [she] walked like a goose and everyone kept laughing at [her].” Her favorite scene was “the chase scene” where all of the animals ran through the audience to chase after Wilbur.