What? What? What? The Improv troupe is back for another year


Students from all grades and classes come together in hopes of making it on the troupe

Senior Talya Belgin preforming revolving monologue. Photo by: Hannah Lee

Improv Auditions were held on October 18 and 19 in Stefoni Rossiter’s classroom from 3:30 to 5:30. The troupe lost more than half of their members last year after many of them graduated. This year, the troupe felt it was necessary to take on new members to keep the tradition of being “the funniest group on campus” as some students have called it.

The VHS Improv troupe hosts events as well as being featured in events throughout the year such as Backstage Cafes. They perform with teachers, as well as perform at the winter and spring showcases with other drama students.

At auditions, the students perform small improvised skits and games that the students have learned in front of Rossiter.

Senior Riley Conrad is on her second year of Improv and says her favorite thing about Improv is “being able to embarass myself and friends.” Conrad said, “I think people should audition for Improv because there is nothing really like it. It’s really fun but also really scary, but all the while very entertaining.”

At Improv auditions, there were close to around 50 students who auditioned. Senior Drue Wigton commented, “I did [improv] during sophomore year and I really enjoyed it and I loved the idea of making the audience laugh.”

The new troupe list was posted Friday October 20 after seventh period on the little theater and Catalina street doors.