Opinion: I plead the second


“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” is a phrase that many people have probably heard. However, a lot of people still don’t seem to comprehend this.  

Democrats are typically the ones who want to control gun laws, however, some historical examples show that they are also the ones who tend to take part in mass murders or important shootings.  

One major killing that shocked the world was the assassination of president John F. Kennedy.  Lee Harvey Oswald was the confirmed killer and was a socialist as well as a registered democrat.  

Another example is Harris and Klebold, whose families were registered democrats and progressive leftists. There is obviously more examples on the list, but these are the most well known shootings that were committed by democrats.

I can agree with anyone on the fact that we need background checks and such to assure that no criminals get their hands on weapons, however, these shooters seem to be the democrats who are portrayed as innocent.   

Junior Jonathan Duke commented, “Growing up in a family that owns a lot of weapons influences my opinion. It would be hard to comprehend someone trying to take my rights of owning a firearm away. I believe everyone has the right to bear arms but must meet a certain criteria.”