Fantasy? Romance? Drama? This film has it all


Emily Distefano

The water creature in this film was originally inspired by the 1954 movie creature from The Black Lagoon. Photo from: Wikimedia

“The Shape of Water” is an emotional movie that focuses on a mute cleaning lady by the name of Eliza

who works in a 1960’s government laboratory. Watching a two hour movie where the main character does not say a word may not sound very appealing,but the fact that she does not speak makes the movie that much better.

Throughout the movie it’s clear that Eliza grows and becomes more fearless. When cleaning the laboratory, she discovers a strange water creature that’s being held in captivity. This creature doesn’t have a name, yet it has feelings and emotions. Eliza has two main companions throughout the movie; her gay roommate named Giles and her co-worker named Zelda.

Eliza and the water creature’s relationship begins to grow when Eliza is alone in the laboratory, and she pulls out a hard boiled egg to give to the creature during her lunch. I think the connection is so strong between the two because they both feel alone and different than everyone else.

Overall, this movie has an amazing storyline along with an amazing cast. It has won multiple awards for the Critics’ Choice Awards including best film and best director.

This movie is heartwarming yet sad at the same time. It’s easy to fall in love with the characters and the relationship that forms between and Eliza and the water creature. I would recommend bringing tissues to the theater because the ending is very emotional.