Pitch Perfect 3: Not the movie for me


Bailey Peck

Pitch Perfect is an iconic film, I mean the Cup Song and hilarious commentary was a huge success. Pitch Perfect 2 was alright, but by 

no means bad. But Pitch Perfect 3? I’d say was a huge fail. There was no clear plot line or character development and it just left me with my mouth open.

It was really quite confusing and I kept being shocked at what ridiculousness I was watching. If you’re still dying to see this movie, I strongly recommend you get a lot of popcorn and candy, or wait to go on a cheap day. Better yet, just wait to see it in the cheap theater.  

I’ll admit that some parts really had me laughing. There were the usual Fat Amy jokes that really were hilarious. The movie was certainly entertaining and I wasn’t ever bored or on the verge of good nap, but if you’re going into this thinking it’s going to be a well produced and overall a good movie, I can practically predict your disappointment.

Junior Serena Ropersmith expressed a similar opinion, “I thought it had some funny parts but the first and second were still better.”

The movie was full of shocking conclusions and plot twists, but in my opinion it didn’t seem like a singing comedy. It was more like an action and adventure comedy with some singing. For example, Fat Amy’s dad was basically the spotlight of the movie. I mean how random is that?

To be perfectly honest, it’s possible that some iconic songs were just ruined by the eccentric bands and acapella versions covering them in the film.

Though Pitch Perfect 3 may have not been the icing on  top of the cake, it sure was something on the cake.

Below is an interview with senior Cody Beeson who shared his thoughts on the film.