Lucky llama: Yes, it’s worth the drive to Carpenteria


Bailey Peck

Looking for a healthy, filling smoothie bowl? Luckily, Lucky Llama Coffee House in Carpinteria offers that, plus more.

They offer five different types of bowls, one of them being an avocado bowl. Some bowls have peanut butter on top or mixed in and all are topped with your choice of either honey or agave.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing acai bowl, Lucky Llamas may not be your place. Most toppings are just simply on top with no order. Don’t get me wrong- they’re not ugly, but for the aesthetics department, Stoked may be the winner.

Junior Alexander Hernandez stated, “The acai bowls were delicious and fresh… [the] detail that [it] has is great from the latte’s to the decor in the coffee shop and even the outside eating area.”

The atmosphere of the shop is probably my favorite of any other Acai bowl shop. The mere twenty minute drive from Ventura to Carpinteria is worth it for good bowls, coffee, and vibes.

With indoor and outdoor seating available, I’ve seen people get their bowls and coffee to-go and set up a hammock on the trees.

After trying the Jupiter, Moon, and Mango bowls, my favorite was the Jupiter Bowl.

One thing I can’t stand about some acai bowls is frozen unblended acai at the bottom! I have never gotten one of those annoying, inedible chunks in my Lucky Llama bowl.