Blenders acai bowls: Nutritious and delicious


William Maxwell

If you’re in the mood for a delicious snack or meal, you should make your way over to Blenders in the Grass. In one serving of a Blenders acai bowl there are 506 calories, so it’s great tasting and great for you.

It could also make for a good post-workout snack. With five grams of protein, it will help you build muscle mass and it tastes way better than all the other gross protein products out there.

Their acai bowls are also high in sodium, containing 64 grams per serving.  Sodium is good for the body because it maintains the balance of fluids in a person’s body. Without the proper balance of fluids in your body, cells may swell and medical issues could come relatively soon after that.

Sodium also has a great deal to do with how the nerves and muscles in your body react, so the amount of sodium in this product is a big plus.

It is a short five to 10 minute drive from Ventura High School, so students can support a local business and their body at the same time.