You get to vote, they get to gloat


With Homecoming right around the corner, it’s time to let the dress and tux shopping adventures begin. Along with Homecoming season comes many questions for high school students– what to wear, who to ask, who to vote for, etc.

As for this year, the Homecoming dance will be scheduled differently than past years. In the past, the Homecoming game would take place on a Friday, where the winners of the homecoming court would be announced, and the dance would be that Saturday.  This year, however, a few changes are being made to that format.

Because the game occurs on October 20, Homecoming would have to take place on the Saturday before Fall Break officially begins in order for it to be the day after the game.

Because of the proximity to Fall Break, the school administration is concerned that students could be leaving on vacations and therefore be unable to attend the dance. To avoid this scenario, the Homecoming dance will take place on October 14– a week before the Homecoming game.  

Because of this change, the Homecoming court will be slightly different as well. The Court will be brought up during the Dance, but the winners will not be announced until the following week at the Homecoming Game.

Junior Delaney Valdez shared her opinion on the changes this year in regards to Homecoming, saying “I like that it’s different, [and] I think that’s kinda cool because you know how at the dance[s] in movies when they do that, it’s like super fun and everyone’s all excited ‘cause it’s during the dance, [which makes it] even more exciting if you’re nominated!”  

Junior and cheerleader Valdez, voiced her opinion on Homecoming topics.

As Valdez points out, movies focus a lot on voting and winning Homecoming courts, which have existed since the nineteenth century. However, the importance of these courts to students has changed over the years.

According to a Twitter poll, 70% of students do not take Homecoming voting seriously. When questioned about the manner, Valdez replied, “The girls yes, the boys no.”  

Valdez also added that “you already know who’s gonna get picked to be voted for, so it’s doesn’t really matter who I pick because it’s always the same people every year.”

When asked what characteristics she looks for in Homecoming nominees, she replied “nice, genuine, people” who she believes deserve to win.