Dudeo Perez is rocking out!


Douglas Sandford

Cover of Dudeo Perez’s debut album, “Allons’y.”

On Jan. 2, 2019, the new band Dudeo Perez put out their first album “Allons’y.” In this album, Dudeo Perez released 10 songs. With themes of “failed anti-heroes, friendly alien encounters, an all-you-can-eat sushi house, and a young boy who eats lunch by himself,” Dudeo Perez gives the listener an amazing experience over the span of 36 minutes.


The band consists of four members: Jackson Reynosa (vocals/guitar), Noah Boland (vocals/guitar), Spencer Cefalu (bass), and Jackson Morris (drums). All the members have graduated high school, except Morris, who is currently in his junior year at Ventura High School.

Ventura High School junior Jackson Morris playing the drums with his band Dudeo Perez. Photo by: Carly Jensen

Reynosa, Boland and Cefalu have known each other for a long time, and they all work together well very naturally. They recently met Morris, who is an amazing drummer, with a passionate drive for rock n’ roll, which fits the groups ambitions well.


When asked if they had any certain experience or influences that played a large role in the album’s creation, the band said the “widespread of taste in music” which certainly influenced the sound. Dinosaur Jr., Built to Spill, and The Shins are some bands that are very influential to the members. The band members also said that “the album displays [the] members’ love for both catch/poppy sing-along tunes as well as punk-influenced driven guitar tones and solos.”


The band stated that experiences such as just hanging with friends, sharing good times together as a band, attending house shows, and watching other friends play live music inspired all of them to come together and make an album that all can enjoy.

Dudeo Perez playing a show together for a live audience. Photo by: Carly Jensen

A song that Dudeo Perez recommends for you to listen to is “U.N.N”, which is a song telling a story about aliens landing a spaceship and walking out on forbidden territory.


My personal favorite from the album would be “Want It Bad.” The song starts off with a groovy baseline, and along with distant guitar notes and the tapping of a cymbal, then transitioning to a sudden guitar shredding along a rhythmic solid drumline. The catchy chorus “ooh she want it bad, you want it bad, see it take five nights to meet you, my friends” sticks with you. For me, it evoked thoughts in the direction of what I wanted bad, and in this case, I wanted some more Dudeo Perez.


If you haven’t already listened to Dudeo Perez and you’d like to, they can easily be found on Spotify and Bandcamp. And if you’d like to stay up to date on Dudeo Perez news, follow them on Instagram @dudeoperez.  



Want It Bad-https://dudeoperez.bandcamp.com/track/want-it-bad