VHS: Shining With Talent


Infographic by: Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson

The Ventura Unified School District will be having its 18th annual Festival of Talent from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on March 23. The show will be held at Ventura High School. The proceeds from the show will support innovative classroom grants.

Auditions were held on Feb. 8 and 15 at Buena High School and were scored based off of preparedness, execution, uniqueness and overall talent to ensure a show filled with variety.

Ticket prices for the show range from $10 to $25. General admission is only $10, but if you would like to pick your own seat, you can get reserved tickets for $25 each. The tickets are expected to become available for purchase online on all school websites in mid-February.

Infographic by: Jessica Johnson

This big talent show will host a variety of acts including singers, dancers, acrobats, specialty acts, musicians, group acts, magicians, bands and choirs. Performers can be parents, students past and present, and staff of VUSD or other VUSD connections. A group can include non-VUSD performers also, as long as some VUSD performers are in the group.

Kylie Pence is a sophomore at Ventura High School and will be performing for the first time this year with her Show Choir group. Pence commented, “This is my first time performing at the Festival of Talent. I’m pretty excited because I was supposed to do it last year, but I had something interfering with it so I wasn’t able to go. A lot of the Show Choir kids went last year and said it was really fun, so I can’t wait. We’re not sure what we are performing yet, but we’re probably going to choose from one of the songs from our upcoming spring concert. There are a lot of choices, so i’m curious to see which one [we will pick].” Pence is just one performer out of many that will be showing off their talents.

The doors open at 6:15 p.m. and there is even a pre-show at 6:30 p.m. to entertain the attendees who show up early. The show is family-friendly, so attendees can be of any age.