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From left to right, seniors Kambria Haughton, Senna Togneri, Tatum Schmidt, Megan Ditlof and Samantha Henley styled heels or boots with a range of colored short skin tight dresses. Photo from Megan Ditlof

Hoco outfits take a new turn

Julia Davies and Logan Wilkov October 25, 2019

Short tight dresses and a collared shirt with a tie seems to be the norm for most students attire for homecoming, but some students decided to step out of the regular style this year and dress outside...

Way too stressed to be blessed

Way too stressed to be blessed

Julia Davies and Jessica Johnson May 29, 2019

As the school year comes to an end, school stress continues to pile up higher and higher than ever, I don't know why all of the important test, grades, and big activities have to fall right before sweet,...

Promposals: nerves high and sparks flying

Promposals: nerves high and sparks flying

Julia Davies and Jessica Johnson May 3, 2019

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TCP Broadcast #32

TCP Broadcast #32  

Students of Ventura High School reveal their hidden talents

Students of Ventura High School reveal their hidden talents

Julia Davies and Jessica Johnson April 26, 2019

We already know that Ventura High School is pretty crazy, but how crazy are our peers hidden talents? As the VHS talent show comes near, we were on the hunt for the hidden talents that normally wouldn’t...

Senior Emmersen Moore said,

Is turning 18 worth it?

Julia Davies and Jessica Johnson March 29, 2019

Is turning 18 as big of a deal as everyone says it is, or is it extremely over-hyped? The exciting 'one-eight' is a truly special day for everyone, but with it comes overwhelmingly tough responsibilities....

This contraceptive is birth control. Birth control is 99.9% effective if used correctly stated by . Photo by: Julia Davies

Opinion: Wrap your willy before you get silly

Julia Davies March 2, 2019

Let's be honest here, getting pregnant as a teenager in high school isn't a goal for most teens. There are many effective ways to prevent pregnancy and it’s important for students that do not want to...

When asked her favorite memory senior Bridget Boland said,

Senior Ballin

Julia Davies and Jessica Johnson February 12, 2019

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VHSASMR: Satisfying Sounds

VHSASMR: Satisfying Sounds

Trinity Taylor, Julia Davies, and Jessica Johnson December 16, 2018

Are you a fan of ASMR? Either way, prepare for some locker opening, beverage drinking, excessive laughing and other debatably satisfying sounds. Cast: Julia Davies, Jessica Johnson, Trinity Taylor Editor:...

Juniors Theo Warren and Chase Currie say,

Horoscopes: Real or Fake?

Julia Davies September 21, 2018

Do you check your daily horoscope? Do you believe what it says? For those who don’t know what a horoscope is, it’s a prediction or an outline of one's character and circumstances based on the position...

Information gathered by Julia Davies

Opinion: VHS dress code discourages individuality

Julia Davies September 17, 2018

Have you been dress coded? I understand that students should be wearing appropriate clothing as it is a learning environment, but we also are growing and changing and want to express who we are. How...

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