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Students reflect on their journey from freshman to senior year

Students reflect on their journey from freshman to senior year

Liliana Lara May 21, 2019

Freshman year photos taken from Ventura High School’s 2016 Yearbook. Current photos taken by Liliana Lara. [huge_it_slider id="100"]

The health textbooks located in the library used to teach the health course. Photo by: Doug Sandford

VUSD students share their thoughts on participating in their own sexual education

Liliana Lara and Douglas Sandford March 2, 2019

For over 10 years now, Ventura High School’s Cougar Press has conducted an annual survey regarding sexual education and health for the students who attend VHS. In the Ventura Unified School District,...

DeClerck said,

DeClerck experiences “how life should be”

Liliana Lara November 26, 2018

Sebastien DeClerck, French teacher at Ventura High School, decided to take a break during the 2016-2017 school year and go to Spain with his family. His wife is on sabbatical, so she got a year to go...

Nolan said,

Bloom into Banner Bold

Ryan King and Liliana Lara November 16, 2018

“Bloom” is this year's theme for the Ventura High School annual magazine “Banner Bold.” Editor-in-Chief of "Banner Bold" senior Omar Al-Bawab explains, "Last year, the theme was 'From the Ashes...

Photo story: what's your favorite thing about VHS?

Photo story: what’s your favorite thing about VHS?

Liliana Lara September 5, 2018

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Photo by: Lily Lara

Freshmen Cougars tackle orientation

Liliana Lara August 16, 2018

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VHS: Dodging bullying

VHS: Dodging bullying

Liliana Lara March 9, 2018

At Ventura High school, teachers wear shirts and hang black and gold striped posters and signs in their classrooms that say, “Hate Free Zone?” However, do students know what the “Hate Free Zone”...

Censorship? Not in the VHS library

Censorship? Not in the VHS library

Liliana Lara March 7, 2018

Ventura High School’s library offers many sources of information for students, one of which is magazines.While a student may not be able to read every magazine, there are a variety of choices in the...

Where’s Bonnie?

Where’s Bonnie?

Sarah Clench and Liliana Lara January 31, 2018

For over a month, the Ventura High School students have been wondering, “Where’s Bonnie?” Many students had assumed that Bonnie Neeper, a campus aid at VHS, had suddenly retired due to the fact she...

The fire is contained, but is the blame?

The fire is contained, but is the blame?

Liliana Lara January 21, 2018

During the first few weeks of the Thomas Fire communities came together to help each other in a time of crisis. However, towards the end of the fire, some people began to seek a greater cause to the...

Aguilar states,

Opinion: A Video or a death sentence?

November 17, 2017

Imagine this: an underage student is drinking an alcoholic beverage. They are already putting themselves at risk. Then, another student takes out a phone and presses record. Not only is it recorded,...

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