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The VHS Music Department’s pre-quarantine year was filled to the brim with successes, according to its members and Music Department Head Paul Hunt. Photo from: Miles Bennett

Student musicians tug at the heartstrings

Miles Bennett May 27, 2020

The year’s Music Department seniors share their thoughts on the year The VHS Music Department’s pre-quarantine year was filled to the brim with successes, according to its members and Music Department...

(From left to right) Sophomore Carly Froelich, freshman Aliza Barroca, senior Molly Sturgeon, sophomore Eden Harnar and sophomore Eden Shoemake, the singers of the VHS Music Department's Vocal Jazz group, singing Gershwin's

Benefit Concert tugs at the heartstrings

Miles Bennett October 27, 2019

[dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]n the eve of Oct. 23, students donned black ties and dresses, readied their instruments, and transformed the Ventura High School auditorium. That evening, VHS Music Department...

Stefoni Rossiter: “A clowning achievement”

Stefoni Rossiter: “A clowning achievement”

Miles Bennett October 25, 2019

What’s the backstory behind the drama queen on the third floor? According to current students and alumni alike, Ventura High School Drama Department Head Stefoni Rossiter has made a tremendous impact...

“It: Chapter 2” is fun for the whole family

Miles Bennett October 8, 2019

The latest film adaptation of one of Stephen King’s three billion page, nonsensical, spook fests is a competently made film that lacks in the spook department. Like it’s predecessor, “It: Chapter...

Reviewing required reading

Reviewing required reading

Miles Bennett May 30, 2019

Here’s a few short reviews of some of the books we read in AP English for those going into it next year or for those who like to read other people’s opinions on things. I didn’t review all of...

Marvel movies aren't that good

Marvel movies aren’t that good

Miles Bennett April 16, 2019

I’ve been a massive nerd for my entire life. So ever since Marvel started their cinematic universe in 2008, I’ve consistently gotten super excited about most of their films. And even when I feel like...

TCP Broadcast #26

TCP Broadcast #26

Hot Lettuce Episode 5: Nemo sucks

Hot Lettuce Episode 5: Nemo sucks

Miles Bennett March 6, 2019

Learnt stupidity, natural stupidity, supernatural stupidity, stupid stupidity and more await you in this brand new episode of Warm Cabbage. Cast: Miles Bennett, Max Bolle, Miranda Burke and Marie...

TCP Broadcast #25

TCP Broadcast #25  

Transgender students, senior Alexander Crimes (left) and juniors Max Bolle (center) and Noah Tallent (right) use their clothing and mannerisms to express their gender identity.
Photo by: Miles Bennett

Stuck in the wrong body but staying strong

Miles Bennett March 2, 2019

“My breasts feel like cancerous tumors and my voice feels like the result of some horrible accident. I don't feel like I grew up with these things, and I feel like the ‘feminine’ things about me...

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