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Under pressure: Are you and your significant other sexually active?

Under pressure: Are you and your significant other sexually active?

Tatum Luoma

March 15, 2020

Nationwide, the number of teenagers having sex has decreased, and this trend is mirrored at Ventura High School.  High school is a stressful time for a lot of students, and for a lot of reasons. On top of homework and tests, students face their peers and often feel pressured to be in a relationship, hav...

Elon Musk really trucked up

The Tesla Cybertruck has a 500 mile charging range and can accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph, but only if the 69,000 dollar model is purchased. The cheapest model at 39,000 dollars does not include the same long distance charging range or acceleration. Photo from:

Tatum Luoma and Danny Ochoa

December 11, 2019

The new Tesla Cybertruck fails to impress [dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]n Nov. 21, 2019, Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s newest creation: the Cybertruck. Advertised to have bulletproof windows, a charging capacity to drive 500 miles, and the ability to accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, T...

Opinion: Dress code, double standards, and slut shaming: Are they related?

Slut-shaming stems from many situations, but is a common incident for many. Infographic by: Tatum Luoma

Tatum Luoma and Sam Hicks

March 2, 2019

Upon a quick Google search, the definition of slut-shaming given is “the practice of criticizing people, especially women and girls, who are perceived to violate expectations of behavior and appearance regarding issues related to sexuality.” Unfortunately, this seems to be experienced quite often at Ventu...

Students go independent

Tatum Luoma and Sally Niebergall

December 20, 2018

Within recent years, the idea of going to independent schools rather than the traditional public school has been a growing trend among high school students. What once was seen as a place for kids with behavioral issues is now viewed as a helpful tool for student to get ahead in their education and fo...

Teachers vs. food: just let us eat!

Juniors Omar Espinoza (left) and Nathan Johnson (right) both enjoy a snack in Mr. McEntyre's class, a teacher that allows them to eat while learning. Photo by Tatum Luoma

Tatum Luoma

December 10, 2018

Many teachers often look down upon students that snack in class and argue that it is a distraction to the class’s learning environment. But is eating lunch a period early because your growling stomach is too much to bear really a problem? I sure don’t think so. I do not have enough fingers to count the nu...

Freshman feature: Eighth grade to a true Cougar

Freshman Joseph Lombardo enjoys high school much more than middle school because of friends and fun school activities. Photo by: Sally Niebergall

Tatum Luoma

November 20, 2018

As the transition is made from awkward eighth grader to high school freshman, many of Ventura High School’s incoming students are experiencing new friends, classes and overall, a completely changed school environment. VHS freshman Joseph Lombardo describes his encounter with a new school, new student...

The Copper Coffee Pot brews up new business

The Copper Coffee Pot offers a variety of beverages for its customers. Photo by: Tatum Luoma

Tatum Luoma and Sam Hicks

November 20, 2018

The Copper Coffee Pot cafe has recently opened across the street from Ventura High School at 2292 E. Main St. The new cafe, in juncture with Valentino’s pizza, has a variety of food and drinks, ranging from breakfast bowls to macchiatos to mac ‘n’ cheese. This coffee shop has opened up in close proximi...

Opinion: a super duper attempt at bullying prevention

Kyle performed at VHS on Friday as part of an anti-bullying campaign during National Bullying Prevention Month. Photo by: Lola Bobrow

Tatum Luoma

October 11, 2018

On Oct. 5, during a special rally schedule, rapper and Ventura High School alumnus KYLE performed for VHS students in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month. After speeches from the assistant principal, VUSD superintendent, and two VHS students, KYLE performed three songs, ending with the crowd...

AP vs. regular classes: Is there a balance?

Sophomore Jake Nichols explains his decision not to take an AP class this year because it seemed difficult. Photo by: Tatum Luoma

Tatum Luoma

October 9, 2018

How many AP classes are students in this school year? With competition between students to get higher GPAs and college standards seeming to always be changing, finding a balance within high school courses is becoming a challenge. At Ventura High School, students are offered four different options...

Homelessness at VHS

The population of homeless students in California schools has been growing at an astounding rate. Photo: California Department of Education

Tatum Luoma

September 6, 2018

Walking around the streets of Ventura on any given day, at any given time, it is likely that you will come across a homeless individual. Usually they are adults, but there is a more hidden homeless population walking the halls of our campuses. There are approximately 202,329 homeless students in the...

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