75th Anniversary of The Cougar Press
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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

The Cougar Press

The Student News Site of Ventura High School

The Cougar Press

75th Anniversary of The Cougar Press
Class of 2026 poster welcomes new freshman onto campus during their first days of school. Photo by: Sophia Denzler

Class of ‘26 students share their thoughts on high school

Kendall Garcia, Sophia Denzler, and Isabel Andrade October 2, 2022

New freshman on campus and their experiences as they start high school With the new school year beginning on Aug. 24, Ventura High School welcomed many incoming freshmen to campus. In their first high...

Looking West performs at Topa Topa Brewing Co. on 104 E Thompson Blvd. in Ventura on Sept. 10. Looking West band member and El Camino High School student Dylan Brehm ‘23 said, “Looking West is when we are our best selves. The music brought us together and the brotherhood keeps us together.” Photo by: Alejandro Hernandez

Local band Looking West jams forward

Alejandro Hernandez September 30, 2022

Who are Looking West? Looking West is a Ventura-based band founded in 2017. Looking West band members include El Camino High School students Dylan Brehm ’23 (lead guitar and vocals) and Owen Neth ’23...

I want to make sure my students know that my job here is to support them, said Honda. Photo by: Adi De Clerk

Who replaced Logan Norris?

Annika Lange, Katie Rundle, and Adi De Clerck September 30, 2022

 New VHS teacher Jared Honda has replaced Logan Norris Logan Norris taught math at Ventura High School, but has recently left to go on sabbatical in Spain. Labeled as his replacement, Jared Honda has...

Students with a gap period must report to the library or the cafeteria. Ventura High School Librarian Susan Adamich doesnt see any benefits to block schedule. She said, “100 minutes with nothing to do. There are some students who do some studying, but not a lot.” Photo by: Alexis Segovia

New state law changes VHS atmosphere with block schedule

The new school year brings a new schedule to accommodate state laws; faculty and students share their thoughts on the effects of the new schedule As of the 2022-23 school year, Ventura High School has...

He really listens to his students and he actually values what we have to say. Hes real with us. Even if a student is disobedient, hes still a good teacher. He takes it seriously, said Daisy Jones 23. Photo by: Jocelyn Wood

Math teacher John Kim hits the scene

Jocelyn Wood, Hugh Murphy, Hannah Wiggins, and Leslie Castro September 22, 2022

 New math teacher John Kim begins teaching at Ventura High School Math teacher John Kim is “just happy to be here” as he starts his first official year teaching at Ventura High School. “I’ve...

I’d rather have a longer lunch because we have longer classes, so we would get more of a break maybe, said Payson Ramos ´24. Photo by: Nicklaus Shelton

Opinion: Are 30-minute lunches enough?

Students are left in the dark wondering where their extra 15-minutes went At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, Ventura High School students experienced a schedule change of longer class periods...

Luke Hansen 22 said, Florence, Italy [pictured] was my second favorite city we visited. It was absolutely stunning. Photo by: Luke Hansen

VHS students take on Europe

Cougars explore a new continent during summer trip  The Ventura High School summer trip returned for its fifth year after a one year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After traveling to places like...

The Ventura High School basic needs pantry was run by multiple clubs under the supervision of the Interact Club during the 2021-2022 school year. The Interact Club is now exclusively responsible for the basic needs pantry as of the 2022-2023 school year. Photo by: Alejandro Hernandez

Interact Club provides students with essential items

Alejandro Hernandez September 2, 2022

VHS basic needs pantry stocks hygiene products, school supplies and more The Ventura High School basic needs pantry is a service that provides free essential items to students, with the majority of items...

Timbre Books owner Megan Murai said, Ive always loved books. Ive always loved talking about and reading them. I love getting to share books that I like reading with other people. Opening a bookstore was the perfect way to continue doing that while also being in a world where I can hopefully make connections for writing and continue to write. Photo by: Alejandro Hernandez

Timbre Books finds its place in the community

Alejandro Hernandez July 31, 2022

Local independent bookstore provides curated book selections and more On Oct. 17, 2020, the bookstore Timbre Books opened at 1924 E Main St. in Ventura. Six months prior (April 2020), future owners and...

The IDEA Center is one of many initatives by the non-profit organization STEMbassadors. According to the STEMbassadors website, ¨The STEMbassadors IDEA Center is a permanent location that offers marginalized youth and the community opportunities to bridge their education with innovation. By offering career pathways, students get the chance to partner with local businesses and community members.¨ Photo by: Sophia Denzler

IDEA Center allows students to create projects

Alejandro Hernandez and Sophia Denzler July 9, 2022

STEMbassadors provides access to technology at the IDEA Center The IDEA Center is a makerspace center created by STEMbassadors, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving underrepresented...

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