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Online schooling is filled with disruptions. This includes things like cellphones, bad wifi, and zoom sabotages from disruptive students. Photo by: Greta Pankratz
Zoom sabotages are the new classroom disruption
Greta Pankratz • October 27, 2020

VHS students share their experiences with Zoom class disruptions. The average high school classroom has its share of jokes and disruptions,...

Seniors brought jackets, blankets, and made their way to the bottom of San Jon road to reunite with their peers. Photo by: Yasmin Myers
VHS seniors start the school year with a sunless sunrise
Anna Guerra and Yasmin Myers • September 24, 2020

Class of 2021 gathered to celebrate their last high school year. On a chilly Sunday morning, class of 2021 seniors gathered at an early hour...

Wearing masks in public has caused more controversy among the population than expected. Drawing by: Yasmin Myers
Evading Covid-19... or mask mandates?
Anna Guerra and Yasmin Myers • August 17, 2020

Mask mandate receives mixed feelings from the public. Gov. Gavin Newsom mandated wearing masks while in public areas on June 18, with individual...

College Applications have become an added stress onto the graduating class of 2021. Graphic by: Peyton Redmond
College Applications and quarantine season have intertwined, does it change anything?
Peyton Redmond • October 27, 2020

COVID-19 has made for a unique college application process.   As usual, here in mid-fall it is also college application season. When applying,...

Photo from: CBF Productions
Drive-Ins are coming back
Jocelyn Wood • October 27, 2020

 Rolling back to the 50’s with Ventura County's drive-in Back in May, with the cancelation of the 2020 Ventura County Fair, Ventura was able...

Student heroes keeping Ventura fed
Student heroes keeping Ventura fed
Charlotte D'Orsi • May 17, 2020

High school students are among the many essential workers putting their health at risk during the coronavirus pandemic.   Amongst...

As distance learning remains in place, students have found more of their time being spent on electronic devices than when in-person learning was happening. Photo by: Anna Guerra.
Opinion: What happened to screen time guidelines?
Anna Guerra • October 27, 2020

 Online learning is racking up the amount of hours VHS students are staring at a screen everyday. You wake up tired and bleary-eyed. Shoot,...

Classes are now just a couple clicks away with zoom. Photo by: Peyton Redmond
Opinion: Positive thinking is better, even for online school
Peyton Redmond • September 28, 2020

Online schooling has its perks for having such a negative connotation. Welcome to online school! Where you can wake up 15 minutes before class...

Let’s make the best of online school!
Let’s make the best of online school!
Caroline Marsden • August 17, 2020

The upcoming online semester may seem dreary, but it has some serious advantages. Yes, quarantine sucks, but we can make the best of it! Before...

The show must virtually go on
Anna Guerra • August 17, 2020

Despite school closures, the performing arts still plan for success. With the Ventura Unified School District announcing that school will remain...

Junior Ava Rosenthal shared, “As of next year, we will focus on music theory and basic fundamentals before we get to see each other in the classroom again. We will have zoom calls and chat and try to get together in these tough times." Photo by: Miles Bennett
Music in the heart while staying apart
Caroline Marsden and Greta Pankratz • August 17, 2020

Musicians share how they feel about the new reality the music department faces. In the upcoming unprecedented school year, everything will be...

First football game of the fall 2019 season against Santa Barbara High. Photo by: Logan Wilkov
Will this year’s athletics fall short?
Katie Medina and Riley Ramirez • September 24, 2020

Fall sports will have a whole new look for the 20/21 season The Ventura Unified School District fall closure cancelled classes all over the...

(Pictured left to right) senior Danny Ochoa, senior Paul Kim and junior Xavier Terminello run through their distance race. Photo by: Shawn Silva
Can’t take the heat? Get out of the meet
Riley Ramirez • March 12, 2020

Ventura wins their first home track meet against Rio Mesa and Pacifica High. Ventura High School’s track team competed against Pacifica High...

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