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Ruth Wilson as Mrs Coulter. Graphic by: Rowan Munoz

Series Review: His Dark Materials

Rowan Munoz May 27, 2021

Need something new to binge? Take a look at this staffer's recommendation. Season 2 of His Dark Materials on BBC and HBO is out, continuing the adventures of Lyra Silvertongue, a strong willed teenager...

Op-ed letter to students from VHS teachers

Op-ed letter to students from VHS teachers

The Cougar Press June 21, 2020

Our dear high school students, tomorrow’s leaders,   Life and History, in the forms of a virus and the largest racial uprisings of your lifetime, have perhaps taught you more in the last twelve weeks...

Why I'm marching

Why I’m marching

Talia Wilcox February 5, 2019

On January 19, 2019, I found myself marching in downtown Ventura in the 3rd annual Women’s March. Surrounded by signs and chants about freedom and rights, I felt part of the battle to which so many...

Talia Wilcox is a sophomore at Ventura High School. Photo by: Talia Wilcox

Guest Write: What you get with “The Hate U Give”

Talia Wilcox November 7, 2018

Society uses movie theaters and other forms of entertainment to get away from life’s problems for an hour or two. We watch movies about superheroes and princesses in far off realities, different from...

Challenge to: Eating in class

Challenge to: Eating in class

Wendy Montejano January 23, 2018

¨No food allowed in class! Throw it away or leave it on the desk by the door,¨ some Ventura High School teachers say when I bring food or drinks into their classroom. However, I believe that students...

Challenge to: Electronic Devices

Challenge to: Electronic Devices

Micaela Plascencia January 23, 2018

The rule against using electronics at Ventura High School states that “All electronic devices are not to be used or displayed during instructional time anywhere on campus,”  but the rule is so outdated...

Challenge to: The grading system

Challenge to: The grading system

Gavin Cross January 23, 2018

I, among many other students, believe that our current system of grading is unnecessary and is not good for the mental health of students. Grades lead to stress and stress leads to problems. This system...

The reality today, is that when students are overwhelmed with assignments they'll care more about getting it done for s grade, rather than actually learning the material.  This is another example of why homework isn't beneficial for students.
Photo by: Brooke Newman

Opinion: Busy work is bogus!

Garrett Jaffe January 10, 2018

As a Ventura High School student, I believe that my ability to attain a fruitful education has been limited by the district's long standing system of bureaucracy and allowing the teaching process to be...

Maya Krishnasamy, Rapha Rosalles, Max Cohen, Kate Marsden, Neela Krishnasamy, Peyton Reynolds, Sarah Florez, Sarah Clench, and Valentina Pfeifer at a Key Club beach cleanup spelling out Key Club with the dog toys they had just made for the Humane Society. 
Photo by: Helen Scovell

Club Week: yes, it’s actually worth it

Sarah Florez September 16, 2017

Having just finished a fantastic year of community service and helping our planet in both GWAT, Global Warming Action Team, and Key Club here at VHS, I have to say that club week --along with clubs at...

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