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Catch up and get ahead

Catch up and get ahead
March 13, 2020

 The VUSD district has released summer course schedules and opened applications. With schedule planning for the 2020-2021 school year approaching, many students are looking for options of acceleration...

Cougars conquer Carpinteria

Senior, Brian Rea playing defense and juggling the ball away from Carpinteria. Head coach, Claudio Lonardo, commented,
December 16, 2019

Varsity boys soccer earns their second victory of the season "Just slow it down and keep it simple,” head coach Claudio Lonardo explained to the Ventura High School varsity boys soccer team after the...

Cornwell may be watching you

Security camera that overlooks the school's cafeteria area. Photo by: Riley Ramirez
December 3, 2019

New Security Systems coming into VHS After 15 years of no change in school security systems, the 2019-2020 school year administration has decided to introduce a brand new, high resolution security system...

Bomb threat causes explosion of chaos

Drawing by: Charlotte D'Orsi
October 25, 2019

A Threat made on ASB Instagram page prompts Police Department investigation  On the week of Oct. 7, all VHS-affiliated social media accounts were urged to change their passwords and disable comments as...

Nuclear debates: Deciding our future

Nuclear debates: Deciding our future
June 6, 2019

Nuclear power has been a divisive topic ever since its conception decades ago. It provides a clean source of energy and releases no harmful emissions. But the fear of the negative effects of radiation...

What’s with the blue clocks on the classrooms?

The blue clock that sits facing the senior lawn from the office side of it. Photo by: Garrett Jaffe
June 3, 2019

This article looks into what the unused clocks that are built throughout Ventura High School’s campus are used for. If anyone has noticed there are out-of-function clocks placed high up on the school...

A walk through the chalk

Senior Rhianne Martinez stated,
April 25, 2019

The annual Ventura High School Chalk Festival took place on April 17 and 18 on the Catalina lawn at VHS. According to art teacher Lauren Minadeo, around 35 students participated this year. In past years,...

Pie a teacher to quench thirst

Some of the teachers that participated in the Pie-A-Teacher Fundraiser. Photo by: Bailey Castro
March 20, 2019

On Friday, March 15, the Ventura High School Thirst Project Club hosted an event on Ventura High School’s senior lawn called the ¨Pie-A-Teacher Fundraiser.¨ This fundraiser allowed for students...

Where is Weber spending his sabbatical?

Weber estimates that he has been to
March 18, 2019

Ventura High School AP Government and history teacher of 10 years Justin Weber will be taking a year long leave of teaching at VHS to pursue education that will allow him to teach a new mapmaking course...

The 2020 election: VHS students’ take

The 2020 election: VHS students' take
March 18, 2019

[cvm_video id="7134"] Seniors in Christian Gallo's AP Economics class, Justin Weber's AP Government and Politics class and juniors Mark Schmidt's AP US History class took the Cougar Press's 2020 election...

Scoring A’s: athletes and grade checks

Scoring A's: athletes and grade checks
March 9, 2019

According to a Twitter poll conducted by The Cougar Press, out of 24 total votes, when asked if students had to get quarterly grade checks by teachers in order to compete, 29 percent voted “yes,” while...

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