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Opinion: Let’s talk about Latino (mis)representation

The New York Times cited that in addition to a lack of Latino actors, there is a lack of Latino executives, producers, and directors as well. Photo by: Peyton Redmond
December 7, 2020

Despite being avid media consumers, Latinos have and continue to be historically underrepresented and misportrayed in film and TV.  As activism, equality and inclusivity continue to grow in our society,...

Opinion: Should we separate church and hotel?

Why does one religion's text get more representation than others? Having bibles in hotel rooms isn't fair to everyone else. Photo by: Livia Vertucci
December 7, 2020

BYOB (Bring your own Bible).  Religion has been around for thousands of years. With thousands of different faiths and beliefs, why is it that only one religious text is provided in hotels? Over the break,...

Opinion: What lies in store for your future profession?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), about 19.9 million students were enrolled at U.S. colleges during the fall of 2019. Photo by Alexis Mendoza
December 7, 2020

Ventura High seniors speak about their future professions.       Many students at Ventura High are quickly approaching their final school years, leaving some with questions about their future. “Will...

Are the originals really better?

Don't throw away old Disney CDs because someday your crazy friend will need a photo of them. Photo by: Lily Carnagie
November 20, 2020

The OG movies hold a special place in our hearts, do the remakes measure up? From Disney to Touchstone, there have been movie failures and masterpieces. Sure, we've all been disappointed after watching...

Opinion: What happened to screen time guidelines?

As distance learning remains in place, students have found more of their time being spent on electronic devices than when in-person learning was happening. Photo by: Anna Guerra.
October 27, 2020

 Online learning is racking up the amount of hours VHS students are staring at a screen everyday. You wake up tired and bleary-eyed. Shoot, it’s almost eight, you’re gonna miss your first period....

Opinion: Positive thinking is better, even for online school

Classes are now just a couple clicks away with zoom. Photo by: Peyton Redmond
September 28, 2020

Online schooling has its perks for having such a negative connotation. Welcome to online school! Where you can wake up 15 minutes before class and pull up in your pajamas and nobody would think twice...

Let’s make the best of online school!

Let’s make the best of online school!
August 17, 2020

The upcoming online semester may seem dreary, but it has some serious advantages. Yes, quarantine sucks, but we can make the best of it! Before people were begging to go back to “real school,” everyone...

Evading Covid-19… or mask mandates?

Wearing masks in public has caused more controversy among the population than expected. Drawing by: Yasmin Myers
August 17, 2020

Mask mandate receives mixed feelings from the public. Gov. Gavin Newsom mandated wearing masks while in public areas on June 18, with individual businesses setting up their own rules for entrance or usage...

Op-ed letter to students from VHS teachers

Op-ed letter to students from VHS teachers
June 21, 2020

Our dear high school students, tomorrow’s leaders,   Life and History, in the forms of a virus and the largest racial uprisings of your lifetime, have perhaps taught you more in the last twelve weeks...

Opinion: “Click to Cross the Stage” just isn’t the same thing

Opinion: “Click to Cross the Stage” just isn’t the same thing
May 15, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has robbed seniors across the nation of a true sense of accomplishment.   When VUSD schools were initially closed until April 10, I’m not going to lie, I was pretty...

Opinion: Limited Netflix docu-series, “Tiger King,” gives viewers a rollercoaster

Graphic by: Yasmin Myers
May 4, 2020

Murder, mayhem but mostly, madness. With students staying home due to Covid-19, Netflix presented a new addition to the selections they already offered on March 20. Among these new shows and movies lies...

Opinion: Mental health should be a bigger priority during quarantine

The transition to online learning has been hard for many VHS students who find it difficult to stay motivated. Photo by: Anna Guerra
May 3, 2020

Sure, academics are important, but what’s the use of passing your math quiz if you can’t get out of bed? VUSD announced its closure of all schools and programs on March 12, due to the Covid-19 pandemic....

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