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Film cameras; a comeback for the old form of photography is on the horizon

Film cameras; a comeback for the old form of photography is on the horizon

Jack Schatzman

February 3, 2020

With influencers and teens endorsing film photography, is it here to stay? [dropcap size=small]L[/dropcap]ong before the digital camera that we all know and use, film cameras were the only option for photography. Since then, trends of the past decades have come back, including film. One of the most popu...

The cat’s out of the bag

Junior Makayla Good shared the story on her bag,

Malia Gutierrez and Alina Calamia

December 11, 2019

VHS students ditch their backpacks and trade them for bags and purses [dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]n the VHS campus, people are choosing to carry a purse and hold their school supplies, rather than carrying a backpack. Junior Madeline Ramirez said, “I think backpacks are going out of style. They’r...

Take a deep dive into Ventura High Schools annual cardboard boat races

Take a deep dive into Ventura High Schools annual cardboard boat races

Logan Wilkov

November 26, 2019

Cougars compete during the ‘19-‘20 cardboard boat races  Students in groups of three to a maximum of six gathered on the pool deck on Nov. 14, ready to test their creation made of only cardboard and duct tape. Teams were given from third period to fifth to hand craft their boats to sustain the ...

What’s the trend with high school having bathroom Instagram accounts

Jack Schatzman

November 25, 2019

The hot new trend of posting toilets and the contents in them on social media Usually schools have official instagrams for clubs or sports, but most schools also have unofficial school joke accounts. @vhsbathrooms is one of the more unconventional school Instagrams, that focus on the school bathrooms.&nb...

VHS Poet Helps Homeless Students Live “A Blissful Youth”

VHS Poet Helps Homeless Students Live “A Blissful Youth”

Charlotte D'Orsi

November 22, 2019

On a sunny Saturday morning in downtown Ventura, Ventura High School senior Yalda Kotobi sat outside Palermo Coffee to sell and sign copies of her recently published book, “A Blissful Youth.” Passersby stopped and listened to Kotobi, as well as other featured authors, describe their work and the...

Falling into fashion

Sophomore Lucca Camus shows off his cross that he wears daily.

Anna Guerra and Katie Medina

November 15, 2019

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, VHS students’ transition into fall fashion. As Ventura transitions into Autumn weather, students continue to find new ways to wear pieces they love, while keeping warm.  Junior Benet Bouchard shared that her favorite fall trend this year is, “the platform shoe ...

Keep your pens on your paper, not on the walls

Custodian, Danial Sandoval, says that

Jack Schatzman and Charlotte D'Orsi

November 6, 2019

Graffiti around VHS is rampant, can it be solved? [dropcap size=small]U[/dropcap]pon entering any high school bathroom, one is almost 100 percent guaranteed to find graffiti of all kinds doodles, poems, profanities, offensive symbols, etc. adorning the walls of the stalls. Ventura High School is no ...

Hoco outfits take a new turn

From left to right, seniors Kambria Haughton, Senna Togneri, Tatum Schmidt, Megan Ditlof and Samantha Henley styled heels or boots with a range of colored short skin tight dresses. Photo from Megan Ditlof

Julia Davies and Logan Wilkov

October 25, 2019

Short tight dresses and a collared shirt with a tie seems to be the norm for most students attire for homecoming, but some students decided to step out of the regular style this year and dress outside the box. This year, the Associated Student Body crafted an enchanted garden theme for the homecoming...

Where are the nerds at?

Where are the nerds at?

Anna Guerra, Katie Medina, and Riley Ramirez

October 23, 2019

How Buena v. Ventura Nerd Day transitioned into Rivalry Day It’s that time of year again, Cougars. The final moments of high school football for the 2019-2020 school year means it's time for the Buena v. Ventura game. Leading up to the intense rivalry game, Ventura High always hosts a spirit week where studen...

Student creativity rings loud and clear

Juniors Daniel Navarro (pictured left) and Connor Blanda (pictured right) reppin' two of the colorways their brand has to offer. Photo by: Yasmin Myers.

Yasmin Myers

October 18, 2019

Brand “Clarity” takes hold on Ventura students Fresh, cool, and laid back. The easily noticeable, drippy, gothic-like logo from the brand, Clarity, has been circulatilating around Ventura High. Specializing in hoodies and other comfy attire, Clarity began here at Ventura High by two juniors. The creators, Dan...

What’s behind door number 57?

Mr. Chamaa happily poses with his carefully sought out pickle. Photo by: Riley Ramirez

Katie Medina and Riley Ramirez

October 10, 2019

A glimpse into the world of Pierre Chamaa Ventura High is filled with many diverse teachers who are truly the backbone of the campus. With each teacher comes a new story, one of which being Pierre Chamaa’s. This year in Ventura High’s Math department, Chamaa teaches Math 3 Honors periods 3, 6, an...

Wallets welded shut

Senior Jefferey Cronin uses a plasma cutter to cut of a piece of steel. Photo by: Kole Petty

Koleton Petty

September 20, 2019

The underfunding of VHS Welding and Fabrication class Manufacturing is the second largest industry in Ventura County according to also states nearly 43,000 jobs in the county involve manufacturing. Because VHS has two periods of Welding and Fabrication classes, each having aro...

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