Opinion: Why does TikTok music suck?


Apple music picture of Tik Tok creators music. “prom dress” by Mxmtoon that is mentioned by Bruce Sheldon is on the left. Picture by: Avea Baker

Avea Baker

TikTok creators always make music and it always seems to suck

Personally, I spend a lot of my free time on TikTok, and while I am scrolling, I come across a lot of creators making their own music. It is usually a video about their unreleased song with a clip of their song in the background. It is so disappointing when I have been waiting like a month for one specific song to come out and it doesn’t meet the expectations I had. 

This has happened to me in the past week two times. With two different songs, I have been waiting for them to come out and continuously checking their account for it to come out. Once it came out I added it to my library and listened, and let me say, it was not as good as the one part of the song that they had advertised. It is such a let down when I get so excited and it doesn’t have the amazing qualities that it promised. 

It is very rare that a TikTok creator song comes out and is as good as the one clip they repeatedly used to promote it. 

A preview of Tik Tok creators profiles that are music creators. Showing off their music that they have made and they have linked to their account. Picture by: Avea Baker

Junior Emily Gomez said, “I think TikTok creators making music is kinda whatever because honestly I haven’t heard any good music come from the creators and I would rather listen to the artists that have been established not from TikTok.” 

I agree, there are no good songs that come out of just purely TikTok. It is always better when the artist is already rooted in the music industry rather than just coming from TikTok. 

Junior Bruce Sheldon said, “Prom Dress is a great song, and it proves that not all TikTok music is bad. I love listening to it in the car and singing along with my best friends in the whole wide world, Hannah, Livia, and Malekhy.” Which he brings up a good point. Some TikTok music does actually sound good, but like I said before it is rare. 

Relating more to specific songs on TikTok like “Prom Dress” a lot of songs on Tik Tok have already been out before TikTok. People don’t know that songs have already been out for months to years before it gets famous on TikTok. However, people always just credit it to Tik Tok and it gets labeled as “a TikTok song.” It is annoying that some people only know songs just because of TikTok.