Cougie kicks off new coffee for VHS students!


One of the many posters students walked past advertising the new Cougie coffee. Photo by: Livia Vertucci

Livia Vertucci

New limited-time Cougie themed coffee drink at across the street shop The Copper Coffee Pot Cafe

As students headed to school on a bright Monday morning in mid-March, hanging on all over the walls of VHS colorful posters advertising a new limited-time-only coffee drink lined the hallways. The posters read “Cougie coffee, a spring-themed iced coffee,” and offered anyone who posted a photo of their coffee on their social media and tagged @asbvhs would have a chance to win a prize. 

But what is this new Cougie coffee? And how is it made? Junior Hannah Stamp who works at the Copper Coffee Pot Cafe has made the new drink many times. To make the Cougie coffee, “You put your two shots of espresso into a mason jar, then we add one pump of vanilla to it, a mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar and then you add a little bit of ice and milk,” said Stamp, who’s been working at the CCPC for six months now. To finish the Cougie coffee “you shake it up so it gets all mixed and kinda foamy and then you add it to [a different] cup. Top it off with some more ice and milk and then you have a Cougie coffee.” 

The Cougie coffee was the brainchild of junior Mateo Navarro who’s the junior class Vice President. Navarro had been thinking about this idea for a while when he got the idea from an inspirational speaker that came and spoke with ASB early in the school year. “[The motivator] gave us this big old website that had a bunch of ASB activities and he started shouting out stuff. He was like you could do this! You could do this! And then he was like you could do a high school-themed coffee with your local coffee shop,” said Navarro. He has been part of ASB for all three years of high school and who later in his sophomore year campaigned and won junior class vice president. “And I was like oh my God, I need to do that. So I thought about that for a little while and then I finally had space to do it and I was like ok let’s start a Cougie coffee and that’s how it was born,” said Navarro.

After working on it for the past month ASB finally released the Cougie coffee and the Copper Coffee Pot Cafe across the street from the school. “You probably can make [the Cougie coffee] hot but at the [Copper Coffee Pot] it’s advertised as an iced drink. It’s definitely best iced and I think everything is better with oat milk,” said Stamp, who works at the cafe, “It’s really fun, it’s like a really nice and chill easy job. It never gets too busy and it’s never been super stressful. We [the employees] get to make free drinks and you get to meet a lot of people and everyone’s really nice,” said Stamp. If students are interested in the Cougie coffee they must cross Main Street and order their own at the CCPC.