A Secret Delight


Sarah Clench

Secret Garden’s Brazilian Agave Guarana Acai with coconut shavings. Photo by: Sarah Clench

A Secret Garden Florist Cafe, located on 981 E. Main Street in Ventura, CA, varies from specialized floral arrangements, to coffee, tea, bagels, and acai bowls.

“I went there when they first started selling acai bowls, and I knew it be a hit,” said junior Iman Hibbler.

They started making acai bowls about a year and half ago, as explained by an employee. The customer can choose from three different types of acai bowls: The 100 percent Natural Acai Berries, the Brazilian Agave Guarana Acai, or the Pitaya Dragon-fruit.

One can choose to eat their $6.95 acai bowl inside or outside, both areas giving the customer a slightly different feel. The inside area is more of a coffee-shop arrangement and the outside area has a tea room feel.

The Brazilian Agave Guarana Acai bowl is said, by an employee, to be a customer favorite. It is topped with granola, coconut, and fresh fruits, bananas, strawberries, and blackberries.