Opinion: Does the crime match the consequence?


Infographic by: Gage Gregorchuk

Gage Gregorchuk and Ian McWeeney

Information from: The Cougar Press Sex and Dating Survey 2018

When it comes to rape, the consequences should match the crime. Rape is terrible; there is no way of getting around that fact and severely punishing the convicted rapist is the best way to go.

Rape ruins lives. The person that is raped can be  mentally and physically affected for the rest of their life. They have to live with the emotional pain of the trauma they were forced to endure.

Rapists should get life in prison and have their sentences are shown all over the news. When they are publicly shamed like that, their name is cemented next to the word “rapist” for eternity. Their last name is forever put to shame and anyone that is related to, or shares the last name of the rapist will feel ashamed because they will always be associated with the rapist themselves.

Infographic by: Gage Gregorchuk

Life in prison ruins the rapist’s life. They will stay in a cell forever which is a totally deserved punishment because rape is completely unforgivable.

When asked if she thinks  the consequences to go with rape are appropriate, sophomore Megan Ditlof stated, “No, I think the punishment to go along with rape should be much more extensive than it is currently and I hope that they change it.”

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion I still believe that life in prison is an adequate punishment as a rapists’ life is pretty much over.