Horoscopes: Real or Fake?


Juniors Theo Warren and Chase Currie say, “horoscopes are fake.”

Julia Davies

Do you check your daily horoscope? Do you believe what it says? For those who don’t know what a horoscope is, it’s a prediction or an outline of one’s character and circumstances based on the position of the stars and the planets alignment on the day they were born.

Juniors Theo Warren and Chase Currie say, “horoscopes are fake.”

Horoscopes are known for giving advice and a prediction of one’s future, whether it be a future love interest or simply some bad karma on the way. There are a lot of different opinions on horoscopes, some people consistently read their weekly horoscope on “Cosmopolitan” while others find them to be completely fake.

In a poll, 64 percent of students voted via twitter in favor of believing in horoscopes and 32 percent voted that they do not believe in them. The majority of the students that participated in the poll are believers, but on the flip side, junior Theo Warren said, “If it actually exists,

it is a coincidence.” In addition junior Chase Currier said that “most horoscopes are vague in order to get the audience to agree with them.”  

Is it a scam? Well, according to Google, most of the horoscopes are made to be broad and fit everyone that reads them, which makes them fiction. There are a number of belief systems holding that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and descriptions of personality in the human world. Many sites claim to have authentic readings that are based off of the actual alignment of the stars and planet that coordinate with date and time of one’s birth.

The signs of the zodiac have existed for hundreds of thousand of years.They are ancient signs that people have looked to for guidance and predictions. You have to admit that there is a real, fascinating history behind humans attaching meaning to the stars. Now it is up to you to decide; are horoscopes real or fake?