Discovering where at the College Fair


Sarah Clench and Liliana Lara

Senior Elizabeth Senesac (left) explained that many of the colleges had good study abroad programs. Junior Megan Ditlof (right) stated, “There are so many Division I schools here.” Photo by: Sarah Clench
Junior Emily Dahm talking to the representative at Biola University. Photo by: Sarah Clench
Junior Kadin Karbum (left) stated, “Cal Lutheran seems like a good university.” Senior Ian McWeeney (right) stated, “I’m really excited to pursue my medical career at one of these California schools.” Photo by: Sarah Clench
Junior Theo Warren with his mom at the college fair. Warren explained that his favorite school at the college fair was the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) because they told him so much information. He added, “It makes me want to learn more about other schools.” Photo by: Sarah Clench
From left to right, juniors Henry Haffner, Kyle Paszty, Peter Kim, Lukasz Coleman and Paul Kim agreed that the College Fair was helpful. Photo by: Sarah Clench
From left to right, seniors Delaney Valdez, Noah Conboy, Cassidy Cross and junior Shayla Magdaleno attended the college fair. Valdez and Magdaleno liked UH Manoa in particular. Photo by: Sarah Clench
Junior Shannon David (left) said, “I’m not exactly sure what I wanna do yet, but maybe go into something with communications or writing or media.” Junior Kaja Boas (right) said, “I’d like to continue on throwing for Track and Field. I would also like to go into a good nursing program.” Photo by: Lily Lara
Senior Jesus Rodriguez said, “I want to go to a college that has a good nursing program, so I can go on to be a surgeon.” Photo by: Lily Lara