Opinion: Reading can be fun!


Janelle Chavira

Reading is an everyday occurrence for most whether it be reading the newspaper, an online article, the back of a cereal box, etc. but does anyone just read for kicks anymore. It’s become a common thing to put a label on reading as boring, weird, and a waste of time, like why read when you can just watch T.V. or scroll through social media on your free time.

Personally, I could agree completely to what some may say, I only recently got back to reading books that weren’t assigned to me this school year, but I think what pushed me to get back to tangible books was to lessen the unnecessary time I spent on twitter and online things that weren’t as enjoyable.

Honestly reading a book is just like watching a movie, yet I think few take the time to just appreciate what they’re reading. Being assigned a book at school is to much of a task, annotating, taking notes, reading for preparation of quiz just sucks the fun out of it sometimes, and I think that’s why reading has such a bad rap.

Anyone who disagrees just hasn’t found the right thing to read. There’s a plethora of genres to choose from that suit everyone’s interest. Teacher librarian Susan Adamich said, “I try to buy books that would be appealing to a lot of our students… if it goes with class curriculum or is a best seller we like to put those types of books in our library.” Adamich included that the library weeds out old books, and any book that hasn’t been checked out for a while are set aside. Anyone is welcome to keep the book for free if it sparks their interest.

Seniors Dylan Johnson (left) and Cassidy Cross (right) tend to read only books they’re assigned, but appreciate magazines, and the stories books can tell. Photo by: Janelle Chavira

Senior Cassidy Cross when asked if she fully reads the books she’s assigned to in class said, “Yes sometimes but if it’s boring than not really I tend to stick to SparkNotes to help refresh the parts I missed if I didn’t fully pay attention to the text.” Senior Dylan Johnson added, “I prefer to read class assigned books with an audio book because it can really add to what I’m reading.”

Regardless if you read for fun or not be mindful of those around who choose to read for their own enjoyment, and don’t shut out the idea of picking up a book and flipping through a couple pages every now and then. Remember, reading is always good for the mind and soul.