Pie a teacher to quench thirst


Some of the teachers that participated in the Pie-A-Teacher Fundraiser. Photo by: Bailey Castro

Jezel Mercado and Tanya Turchyn

On Friday, March 15, the Ventura High School Thirst Project Club hosted an event on Ventura High School’s senior lawn called the ¨Pie-A-Teacher Fundraiser.¨

This fundraiser allowed for students to purchase tickets to be entered in a raffle, from which one winner was chosen to pie the teacher they purchased their ticket(s) for.

The VHS Thirst Project club works with the Thirst Project organization, which is an organization that raises both awareness and money concerning the water crisis that affects over 663 million people. Thirst Project builds wells to supply third world countries—at this time, specifically Swaziland—with clean and accessible water. The Thirst Project club at VHS organizes fundraisers to support the cause.

All of the teachers that participated in the Pie-A-Teacher Fundraiser. Photo by: Bailey Castro

President of The Thirst Project Club, senior Bailey Castro, commented, ¨I think the event went well. We definitely got a lot more teachers to participate this year than we did last year. It’s by far our biggest event of the year as a club, and so a lot of stress and planning comes with it, but I was super impressed with the members and cooperation from everybody.¨

Nearly 20 VHS teachers and faculty were pied in the face for this fundraiser. Among these people was one of the counselors, Francisco Castillo, who said he volunteered because, ¨[He thinks] the fundraiser is for a great cause, and the people in the club do good things without trying to promote themselves.¨

Castillo believes the student who pied him, senior Louis Santia, has a ¨great sense of humor,¨ and Castillo would even participate in this event next year.

Senior and Thirst Project Club president Bailey Castro commented,¨It was really cool to be able to have so many people out there and so many willing staff, especially since it’s [my] last year here at the school and as club president. [We] couldn’t have done it without the teachers and student body either!¨ Photo by: Sarah Clench
Another teacher that was pied, Justin Weber, commented, “I like the fundraiser because it’s a good way to bring students and teachers together.  I think it’s both fun and funny.¨ Weber is the adviser for the club, and would also participate in the event next year. This is great news for many students- because according to club president Castro, Weber was the teacher with the most tickets purchased, which means many students wanted to pie him over other teachers.  

The fundraiser that the Thirst Project Club hosted was a great success. Many students showed up to watch VHS faculty get pied in the face, and the club raised a relatively good amount of money for their cause. They will be hosting the same event again next year, so be sure to keep your eye out to buy tickets to pie teachers!

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