Why isn’t there a senior prank?


Janelle Chavira

Senior prank can prevent students from walking at graduation.

It’s completely understandable as to why students are strongly discouraged from organizing or participating in a senior prank. However, it’s also a timeless tradition for many schools and a majority of the time all of the pranks planned are harmless.

According to USNews.com, “Senior pranks, which are generally stunts pulled by seniors designed to amuse the school community, and often not school-sanctioned, have been going on for generations.”

It just sucks that seniors are subjected to signing a contract that signs away any opportunity to organize a school friendly senior prank because the consequence could be anything from not going to prom to not walking at the graduation ceremony.

The senior contract that seniors must sign in order to participate in all senior activities.

There’s no clear rule stated in the contract saying that a senior prank was prohibited, however when asked, Ventura High School Principal Carlos Cohen implied that the inappropriate behavior rule falls under the same category.

We interviewed Cohen to gain perspective on why not allowing seniors to walk at graduation would be a reasonable way to discipline them, his response was, “The consequence has to be proportional to the consequence or crime so to speak.”

In other words, the administrators try their best to discipline students as best they can in regards to the “crime” they commit. The popular phrase one size does not fit all seems to compare best to what Cohen meant, being that everyone’s actions must be handled a particular way that seems fair.

Senior Paige White said, “It’s fair to a certain extent, I feel like there’s things you can do for a senior prank that aren’t terrible.”

Regardless of whether you would participate in a senior prank or not, just be mindful of your actions because the consequences could prohibit you from participating in some of the last senior events of high school.