College Opinions: Part Two: UCSD

The school seal of UCSD, of which this articles subject Lindsey Clark attends.

The school seal of UCSD, of which this articles subject Lindsey Clark attends.

Garrett Jaffe

This is the second article in a series interviewing current college students and past graduates, asking them about their insights and experiences in college. This series of articles aims to aid Ventura High School’s college bound Seniors. In this article, I interview Ventura High alumni Lindsey Clark.

Q: What school do/did you go to?


Q: What is your major?

A: Human Development major with a Psychology minor.

Q: What was your biggest surprise during your first year of college?

A:  Everyone always said how fast the quarter system is, but you really don’t get it until you’ve gone through your first quarter.

Q: What advice would you give to seniors that are attending college next year?

A: Definitely put yourself out there and make friends in classes, especially for study groups and definitely go to office hours. Professors care a lot and really enjoy it when you go in so don’t be intimidated. Literally, just go in and introduce yourself even if you don’t have a question because they are the ones who will be writing you letters of [recommendation] and are also the ones in charge of your grade. If you put in the effort and they see how much you care, it will definitely help you in the long run.

Q: What do/did you like about college?

A: College is really fun overall because you meet people from all over the world and this is also the time for you to learn about yourself and what really interests you.

Q: What do you miss about high school, if anything?

A: I definitely miss seeing my best friends everyday and there is definitely a lot of guidance and help for you without having to search for it on your own and advocate for yourself, but that’s also part of growing up and becoming more independent.

Q: What advice do you have for juniors in terms of grades and extracurriculars that want to go to college?

A: Honestly for all the juniors who may be stressing out about AP tests and the perfect SAT/ACT scores, I would say definitely do what it takes to do your best, but also remember to relax and not stress out too much. Also, if you already have an idea of which colleges you want to apply to, check and see which AP credits will actually transfer over, because I know a lot of universities are different with what they will accept and what they won’t. So just remember to have fun and take a deep breath every now and then.

Q: Are you planning on majoring on anything, if so what is it?

A: I’m majoring in human development and am planning on becoming a child life specialist (so I’ll be working with kids, and their families, in the hospital).

Q: Any final words of wisdom?

A: Basically, just remember to have fun while you’re in high school and to really enjoy time with your friends and family – because, before you know it, you will be off on your own, starting a new, but also very fun chapter of your life! Also, don’t load up on all the intense classes your first semester or quarter. Your first year of college is the time to figure out your likes and dislikes, so have some fun with it!

The percentages of different age groups of students that attend UCSD (Source UCSD official website). Infographic by: Garret Jaffe