College Opinions: Part Three

This is he school seal of Cal Poly. Source: Cal Poly Website

This is he school seal of Cal Poly. Source: Cal Poly Website

Garrett Jaffe

This is the third article in a series of interviews with current college students and past graduates, asking them about their insights and experiences in college. This series of articles aims to aid Ventura High School’s college-bound seniors. In this article, I interview Ventura High School alumni Alysa Elliot.

Q: What school do/did you go to?

A: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Q: What is your major?
A: Agricultural Business.

Q: What was your biggest surprise during your first year of college?

A: Biggest surprise: how much I learned about time management and learning how to find the

right balance between classes, homework and socializing/extracurriculars.

Q: What advice would you give to seniors that are attending college next year?
A: My best advice would be to join clubs and sports teams. Also, stay on top of your reading, find a study buddy, chip away slowly at your big assignments do not wait until the last minute to do it, and have lots of fun!

Q: What do/did you like about college?

A: I like that I can focus more on classes that I am genuinely interested in, and I like that I can create my own schedule. It’s also super fun to be around a bunch of people who share common interests with me. I have had the awesome opportunity to meet so many people from all over the place, and to bond over my hobbies with them.

Q: What do you miss about high school, if anything?

A: I really miss seeing my best friends everyday in high school and coming home to home-cooked meals everyday after school.

Q: What advice do you have for juniors in terms of grades and extracurriculars that want to go to college?
A: For juniors, I would highly recommend trying to really focus on getting involved in programs that are centered around things that you are genuinely interested in. Although it is good to join clubs to build your resume, don’t stress yourself out trying to join a bunch of different clubs only because you think it will look good on your application. Instead, focus on what you are most passionate about.

Q:Are you planning on majoring on anything, if so what is it?

A: I am majoring in Agricultural Business.

Q:What are you thinking you want to do after college?
A:  I would love to be a head marketing director for an agricultural business after I graduate.


Q: Any final words of wisdom?

A: College is one of the most exciting parts of life, but it goes by too fast! Soak it in and enjoy it, but don’t forget to call your family back at home!

The admission statistics for Cal Poly. Source: Thought Co