Stop kissing, go to class


PDA, or public display of affection, is proven to cause uncomfort among those around it. Drawing by: Yasmin Myers

Riley Ramirez

Please stop making out on campus, lovers

To all the Ventura High School mouth suckers, this one goes out to you. Not to be insulting, but your love language on campus is disgusting. I am already in a bad mood as is, walking to class in the morning and it really doesn’t help seeing students sucking each others faces off their bodies. I want to be able to enjoy my walk around campus in between classes or even at lunch or break. But no, I am not allowed to. It’s kind of humorous for me to take the closed-off stairwells to the 2nd floor because I absolutely have no doubt that I will find at least one couple doing R-rated activities.

According to CNN, there is a right and wrong time and place for everything. In terms of PDA, just don’t. Infographic by: Riley Ramirez

Don’t get me wrong, simple holding hands or quick kisses are fine, maybe even awed upon. These things are seen all the time in cheesy high school romance movies. But when you start sitting on top of each other and eagerly making out with each other, it’s a little disturbing and honestly makes me actually want to go to class. Think it’s just me? Think again, lovers. Junior Mikayla Wagner also has experienced intense and utter disgraceful sexual behavior on campus. “I think PDA [public display of affection] is okay if it is holding hands, having your arms around someone or little kisses like pecs, but when people are making out and tonguing each other in front of everyone else, Its uncomfortable for me and everyone else [I know].” 

Senior Noah Laber also is one of the many high school students that feel uncomfortable and annoyed by public display of affection. “When [PDA] is excessive, I consciously ignore it. I think it’s fine if its minor affection, the school should definitely continue to allow that.”

The question remains whether or not the school should tolerate it more than they do. I see teachers walk past couples tonguing each other down all the time. Even though they look disgusted, which they have every right to be, they just continue on throughout their day. If I was a teacher, I would literally make it so obvious that I am on the verge of vomiting, and make the couple feel so invaded and uncomfortable that they would never even think about being together in public again.

Once again, I am 100% in support of high school relationships and their freedom to express their care for each other. But when they cross the line on what appears to be “comfortable” for public consideration, it’s just plain rancid.