The 2020 Census is looking for workers


Douglas Sandford

The U.S government plans to do their annual count of citizens

Every 10 years, the U.S. Government polls the people in the nation with a census. The Census asks questions related to race, living situation, sex, age and date of birth. The Census is completed in order to get information about the nation’s approximately 330 million citizens, according to the U.S Census’s mission statement. 

While previously the census has been taken over the phone or given by door-to-door representatives, as of 2020, it can be taken can be taken online.

Infographic from: U.S Census

For high schoolers who are at least 18, this could be a viable job, as this year pay is at $21 dollars per hour to be a door-to-door representative. The job requires training.Vanessa Moreno, Media Specialist for the Los Angeles Regional Census Center, said “The mission of the Census is to count everyone once, only once, and in the right place.”

Moreno also added, “People can take advantage of the many job opportunities the Census has available to replenish their wallets. We have thousands of jobs available but people need to apply now in order to be considered for a spring start date.”

The Census Bureau is looking to hire around 500,000 employees, and will hire up to around 2 million at a maximum. 

The main requirements for this job besides being over 18 years of age is being a citizen of the U.S., and for non-citizens, having a permit to work. A valid email address is also required.

Flexible hours and weekly paychecks  are some of the benefits included in a job with The U.S. Census.

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For students, the census matters because it tallies them to the U.S population. Population determines things such as local funding and political representation. It also defines racial demographics in the U.S., deciding who are majorities and minorities. 

Senior Garrett Jaffe shared his distaste for the government, but explains why working for them could be beneficial. Photo by: Doug Sandford

Senior Garrett Jaffe, who has turned in a U.S Census application and is waiting for a response said, “I don’t like the government, and I think our taxpayer money shouldn’t be used for such high a wage, for such easy of a job, but hey it’s 21 dollars, that’s good money.” Jaffe hopes to be employed by the U.S Census.