Choose Ventura, the choice is yours


Ventura High has been selected to become a School of Choice after being off the list for the last couple of years. Photo by: Yasmin Myers

Anna Guerra and Yasmin Myers

Ventura High opens School of Choice to all students within VUSD

According to Ventura Unified School District’s website, School of Choice is a process that grants parents of VUSD kids to select any school within the district that they would like to place their child in. SOC allows the process of choosing a student’s school to be free of restrictions, especially when it comes to geographic boundaries. Additionally, SOC applications are processed to be random and unbiased, meaning that decisions are not on a first come, first serve basis.

Ventura High was taken off the School of Choice list three years ago, but for the upcoming 2020 school year, has opened its doors to all students beyond the boundary area. The ultimate decision for a school to become a SOC is placed in the hands of the Ventura District. 

Principal Carlos Cohen commented on the effect of Ventura High being returned to the SOC process: “[School of Choice] continues to build upon the diversity that we have here on campus.”

Assistant principal Chris Murphy shared that, “[Ventura High becoming a School of Choice] does mean that we’re going to be a little more competitive with our other schools.” Photo by: Yasmin Myers
Assistant principal Chris Murphy gave insight as to how School of Choice benefits prospective students, noting that “It gives us the opportunity to open our doors to students across the district, so students [that] want to take advantage of our unique classes, our unique structure, have the ability to do so.” 

When asked if Ventura becoming a School of Choice would increase the class sizes Murphy said, “Ventura Unified School District as a whole has decreased [in] enrollment. The district is working now to develop a lot more fluidity in their choices, a lot more opportunities for students.” 

School of Choice doesn’t increase already large class numbers, but instead, allows for more popular classes to be split into multiple periods to fulfill the needs of all students, likely allowing for a better teacher to student ratio. 

Application results will be sent via email in March. Once enrolled through School of Choice, there is no need to reapply. Following the lottery, students are placed up to the number  available. If more seats become available, the principal at the SOC will obtain a list of students from the lottery draw. For those not accepted, a waiting list will be established for one school year. For further information, visit the VUSD website.