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The Eras of Education

Todarello remembers thinking it was

Acacia Harrell and Archer Herring

January 7, 2019

The high school experience… a pillar of American education. Many students experience similar things throughout their high school years, but the experiences are all different depending on the years they grew up. According to and, being in high school during the 195...

Earthquakes: Are we ready?

On September 19, Mexico City was shook with a magnitude 7.1 quake. After the horrendous event, the search began for victims among the wreckage. Photo by: LA Times

October 6, 2017

California is likely due for an earthquake, but is anyone making preparations for the “Big One?" The part of the San Andreas Fault that runs along the Grapevine , North of Los Angeles, hasn't experienced a “major” earthquake -one classified as a 7.0 to 7.9 magnitude- in 160 years. The last earth...

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