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Teachers made a hoot at the faculty “fun-raiser”

Sebastien DeClerck (pictured left) next to Linda Bergfeld (right) acting out a game where they pretend to be Oompa Loopas making chocolates. Photo by: Greta Pankratz

Anna Guerra and Yasmin Myers

January 15, 2020

VHS faculty showed their silly side to raise funds for the drama department. [dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]n Friday Jan. 10, Ventura staff members performed in the sixth annual faculty “Fun-Raiser” to let it all go for a couple of laughs. The funds raised by the improv show went to benefit the VHS Drama Depart...

Spellman moves from the courts to the classroom

Spellman moves from the courts to the classroom

September 16, 2017

Evan Spellman is an alumni of VHS who now teaches Math 1 Honors and four sections of Math 2. Spellman has worked at VHS for three years teaching all different types of math, but his favorite aspect of VHS is the kids: “the students are all fun to work with, they're all interesting, funny, [and] exciting.”...

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