100 word rant: Online learners get the short end of the stick, again


Online students with a 1-7 period schedule would have to spend a minimum of five and a half hours on Zoom everyday, with any additional homework and recreational time not being accounted for. Photo by: Anna Guerra

Anna Guerra

With hybrid learning information rolling out, the C group seems to be taking the most losses for the remaining school year.

Hey VUSD! I don’t expect you to listen to the student population but I’ll write this anyway. You also probably didn’t check out my article that I wrote earlier in the year about concerns regarding increased student screen time because you added 15 minutes to each class period. You expect us C group kids to be on Zoom for a minimum of four hours and 25 minutes each day? You’re also proposing getting rid of SEL, the only breather we get throughout the darn week? Since your schedules are the cause of my worsening eye vision, I’ll be mailing you my optometrist bill. And although you clearly don’t care about student mental health, I’ll send you my therapy bill as well. Consider it a gift from me to you!