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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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When VHS students were asked if they believed peoples perceptions were altered because of politics 96% of students responded yes. While 4% answered no, the poll put up on The Cougar Presss Instagram. Graphic by Brody Daw

Vaccines, the ongoing debate

Brody Daw October 8, 2021

The political debate on the topic of vaccinations and Ventura students' opinions. The COVID-19 vaccination has been a controversial political topic discussed by many in the medical and non-medical world....

Currently, Ventura County is in the orange tier. We have made a huge improvement and many establishments are able to open indoors and in-person. Infographic by: Elise Sisk

Newsom lifts California stay at home order

Elise Sisk May 7, 2021

Was it really the best choice? On Tue. April 6th, Ventura County entered the coveted Orange Tier. This means a lot of businesses are able to reopen with indoor capacity. More people are getting vaccinated...

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic depriving seniors of their final year and associated activities, an in-person graduation brings hope in ending the school year on a positive note. Photo by: Anna Guerra

Class of 2021 may finish the year off strong after all

Anna Guerra April 21, 2021

With Ventura County showing a steady pandemic recovery, senior graduations are given the green light. On Tuesday, April 20, Ventura Unified School District Superintendent Roger Rice announced via email...

Online students with a 1-7 period schedule would have to spend a minimum of five and a half hours on Zoom everyday, with any additional homework and recreational time not being accounted for. Photo by: Anna Guerra

100 word rant: Online learners get the short end of the stick, again

Anna Guerra March 26, 2021

With hybrid learning information rolling out, the C group seems to be taking the most losses for the remaining school year. Hey VUSD! I don’t expect you to listen to the student population but I’ll...

According to FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), soccer all around the globe has approximately lost about 14.4 billion dollars due to COVID-19. Photo by: Alexis Mendoza

The ongoing battle between soccer and COVID-19

Alexis Mendoza March 26, 2021

How much more can soccer players handle?  At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, many soccer leagues postponed games for a long period of time for the safety of the players and the people who attended...

ASB students back on campus for small groups. Photo by: Ann Larson

Taking steps to bring the spirit back to VHS

Jocelyn Wood March 14, 2021

A look inside what's been going on with ASB during distance learning. “Most people think of ASB as poster making and organizing dances. Those are definitely big parts, but overall I would say ASB is...

Ventura Countys current COVID-19 risk level is widespread. Many non-essential business operations are closed. Infographic by: Yasmin Myers

Surprise, there’s a new strain in town…

Yasmin Myers March 2, 2021

Rest assured it’s not much different than what Ventura County’s currently face. As COVID-19 cases rage on, citizens of many countries were found with a newer version of the one thing that brought...

Sophomore Olivia Roman (pictured) said, This year Ive gone [snowboarding] three times. This differs a lot from past seasons because I probably would have already gone at least six times if it wasnt covid. Photo from: Olivia Roman

Masks protect from more than just the cold this season

Greta Pankratz February 5, 2021

Now that the slopes are open, students share whether or not they believe it is COVID-19 safe. After COVID-19 cut the ski/snowboard season short in the spring of 2020, the slopes are back up and running...

Students and parents attending the livestream expressed frustration in the chat bar provided, many with the slogan #letusplay. Photo from: Live press conference on Jan. 19, 2021

Seeking long-awaited answers about high school sports

Livia Vertucci February 5, 2021

What the spring season might look like. Ten months into staying at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, VHS student-athletes, coaches and supporters are anxious about getting back to their sports. The...

When in the purple-tier, many shops considered non-essential were asked to close up shop. This includes hair, nail and tanning salons. Photo by: Jocelyn Wood

Opinion: Masked up and actin’ up

Jocelyn Wood February 1, 2021

Ventura County’s shutdowns have been an interesting experience for all. March 15, 2020 will be a day many will never forget due to it being Ventura County's first shutdown. During that time, people...

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