10th graders are returning to campus still feeling like freshmen


The large group of predominantly sophomores and freshmen in the senior lawn, for one of the first few times all together. Photo by Ava Mohror

Ava Mohror

Sophomores who stayed completely online in the 2020-2021 school year are on campus for the first time since starting high school, how are they feeling?

Students went through an abnormal  school year in the 2020-21 year, when Zoom swept in to replace in-person learning. When the VUSD gave students an opportunity to go back, many took the chance to be back in the classroom. However, plenty of students decided to stay home as well. While many students from all grades chose to stay home, there is an especially unique group of C group students returning to in-person learning this year. The C group sophomores of Ventura High School are on campus for the first time in their high school careers, along with the incoming freshmen class of 2025. Evidently, this is an extremely unique experience for the group. 

“I honestly don’t know how to feel. I probably still feel like a freshman, because last year I missed my entire first year of high school. It definitely feels like this is my first year [of high school] and last year was just a continuation of middle school,” sophomore Angela Gonzalez states. 

Being on campus for the first time is a new experience for this group, especially after spending the last year completely online. For anyone, being at a new school is an adjustment. Alexis Segovia, also a sophomore, explains that she is still getting a sense of what the community is like at VHS, but it helps to have friends that make the transition smoother. 

[left to right] Sophomores Dafni Mikelatos and Madi Kasztelen enjoying lunch break together, as Mikelatos was in the C group and did not return to campus last year. Photo by Ava Mohror
Undoubtedly, there are many differences between Zoom classes and in-person learning. Segovia says,“There are different aspects that I prefer online more. For example, I am able to stay and home and feel a little bit more comfortable in my environment. But also it’s nice to step out of my comfort zone and find new people. Overall I like it a lot better in person, just to socialize more.” When asked about her thoughts on the campus Segovia responded, “I thought it was actually going to be a lot worse, I thought I was gonna be a lot more lost, but it’s actually been pretty easy to find my classes as well as where I’m supposed to go, library, the office, everything is pretty close. And there’s maps all over school that can help.”

Gonzalez responded similarly, saying that being on campus is a lot calmer than she thought it would be. Although most of their classmates had a head start on campus last year, the C group sophomores seem to be catching up smoothly. Gonzalez even states, “I honestly feel pretty caught up, because I have people to turn to about where something is, or how a teacher teaches a classroom,” when she was asked about feeling caught up with her former A and B group classmates. 

Gonzalez stated she preferred in-person learning over Zoom. Like Gonzalez, Segovia answered that she would not go back online when asked what she would do if she had the choice. 

As Ventura Unified  returns to campus for the first time all together, students must  adjust to the “new normal.” As sophomores being on campus for the first time, there are greater adjustments to be made. With the help of their peers and teachers, former C Group sophomores seem to be transitioning back to in-person learning successfully. As they begin getting a feel of what the community is like at VHS, we are starting to settle back into life going to in-person school.