Checking in with the PTSA


The PTSA is very important, according to President Cherie Egbert, “There are so many things the PTSA can do to advocate for children.” Graphic by: Brody Daw

Brody Daw

PTSA meeting covers controversial topics within VHS

COVID-19 complications, school problems, the Cougar Forum, sports dilemmas and beautification were discussed at the most recent PTSA meeting on Jan. 11, 2022. “We have lots of exciting projects we want to accomplish,” said Sheryl Miller, who is the lead chair for teacher grants. The goal of the PTSA is to benefit all Ventura High School students and support them through projects and programs.

Cheryl Egbert, the president of the PTSA, began the meeting with the president’s report, followed by the approval of minutes from the last meeting led by Sheryl Miller. The ASB report follows; Miller said, “We have ASB reps that come and share a report and tell us all of the exciting events they have and projects they are working on. They are always welcome to share ideas and give input.” The treasure report, teacher grant chair, social media report and the ‘Cooking for Cougars,’ where ideas are brainstormed on where to hold the next restaurant fundraiser. The principal’s message is near the middle of the meeting, where Marissa Cervantes, the principal of VHS, shares her ideas and description of VHS activities. 

The PTSA’s main goal for the year is to focus on beautifying our campus. Want to volunteer? Ask ASB for information. Photo by: Brody Daw

Parent and student pushback against the rescheduling of the winter formal senior ball due to the COVID-19 surge, has been a hot topic around campus and in the PTSA meeting as well staff and administration continue to believe it was the correct decision to protect students and their families. “Given the situation that we are in, it was a good call on behalf of our ASB,” said Cervantes.

Cougar Forums, developed by administration and ASB to talk about different topics. “Some of our students with higher expectations feel like we are embedding new rules, but these rules have been existent for many years. They have been disconnected for the COVID time, and as we are transitioning back, some have had concerns about new rules, so we have developed these Cougar Forums where students have a voice, and the administration hears them out. We can also educate them why we do things the way we do… it does get a little heated, but I think it’s good because we can engage in that conversation,” said Cervantes. Although there has not been one since, many students hope to have another chance to attend a Cougar Forum and voice their concerns within the VHS community. 

Egbert proposed beautifying the VHS campus, possibly painting the yellow poles and planting trees on campus. According to Miller, this is the PTSA’s main goal for the year. They will contact ASB and eventually will ask for volunteers and donations. This is a five to ten-year plan, but studies have shown that having trees on campus increases students’ learning ability.

The next PTSA meeting is Mar. 1, at 7 p.m. “We have a lot of exciting projects we want to accomplish,” said Sheryl Miller.