Academic ineligibility hinders sports teams


Acacia Harrell and Ian McWeeney

Academic ineligibility is one of the most common problems for student athletes at Ventura High School and presumably many other schools as well.

When it comes to VHS, about 300 students become ineligible each school year.

Becoming academically ineligible is quite a process.

First, the student is placed on academic probation; each student can only be placed on academic probation once in their entire four years of high school. If the students grades drop again, then they immediately become academically ineligible.

A 2.0 GPA or above is required in order to play a sport or participate in any extracurricular activities available at VHS.

Recently, the VHS football team ran into this very problem, with several players becoming academically ineligible.

Carson believes that “[Academic ineligibility] can take our best players [away]… making our team weaker.”
They had over ten kids suspended from the team for having below a 2.0 GPA. Consequently, the team had to recruit many players from the JV team to fill their spots.

However, the academic ineligibility policy changes if a team makes it to CIF playoffs.

“According to CIF, you also must be passing four classes,” stated Mrs. Velazquez.

Sophomore Carson Willis was recruited from JV to be the starting quarterback on the varsity football team.

The academic ineligibility rules can cause a team to face major changes –for example– at the end of the season, VHS’s varsity football team had more JV players than original varsity members.