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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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Ear piercings are some of the most popular piercings among teens. Photo by: Livia Vertucci

Opinion: Get over it! The era of trashy piercings is out, from this moment on piercings are the embodiment of fashionable!

Elise Sisk and Livia Vertucci June 10, 2022

Two pierced up girls' opinions on the stigmatization of body jewelry The days of “trashy” piercings are out. Most piercings that were considered trashy are now popular. It’s extremely common to...

When people get (or dont get) the daily Wordle, there is the option to share the results. The Wordle website autogenerates these messages, letting people share their Wordle scores without giving away the answer. Photo by: Elise Sisk

What’s the word about Wordle?

Elise Sisk March 28, 2022

The game “Wordle” had found its way to the VHS campus, and is nowhere near unpopular Wordle, a word game from England has recently sweeped the nation, and it's made its way to the VHS campus. Many...

In the other races category there are a total of 13 races according for 130 students. This information was given to The Cougar Press by principal Marissa Cervantes. Infographic by: Rachel Gonzalez

Are people of color represented at VHS?

Rachel Gonzalez and Rowan Munoz March 25, 2022

Ventura’s staff to student ratio doesn’t add up Comparing the student population to the staff population at VHS, the African American VHS community is almost equal with staff being two percent and...

VHS Agriculture teacher Amy Lewandoski said, Agricultural Biology is the beginning of the Agricultural Business pathway, and once students start there hopefully they discover an interest for plants other than food crops. Photo by: Alejandro Hernandez

Seeds sprout at Ventura High School

Alejandro Hernandez March 21, 2022

A rundown of the Agricultural Business pathway Ventura High School’s Agricultural Business pathway is a program that is made up of three classes. These classes are agricultural biology, landscape design...

The artists are Xaiver Rain (breathe), Finn Thompson (both of the flower panels), Alexis Segovia (blue VHS), Samara Arroyo (Snoopy), Jade Beltran (sun) and Ruby Strunk (pink VHS). Photo by: Adi De Clerck

Previously unseen hallway art placed on campus

Alejandro Hernandez and Adi De Clerck March 4, 2022

Campus beautification by student artists In the hallway between the library staircase and the ASB room at Ventura High School, several works of art can be found. These art panels were created by VHS students....

Cervantes said, I am very proud of how quickly our custodians got on it. [They] noticed it, contacted their supervisors, had VPD here, had it cleaned up and boarded up. Photo by: Alejandro Hernandez

Ventura High School front office damaged

Rock thrown at front office door results in the glass door shattering The main entrance to the Ventura High School office was broken on Jan. 25, sometime between 6 p.m and 7 p.m., a student threw a rock...

Op-ed letter to the editor: Girls waterpolo

Op-ed letter to the editor: Girls waterpolo

Matt Cherie January 4, 2022

Read the original article, VHS girls water polo players are sick of the oversexualization in their sport In response to an article published on Oct. 22. 2021 in The Cougar Press about our girls water...

ASB students back on campus for small groups. Photo by: Ann Larson

Taking steps to bring the spirit back to VHS

Jocelyn Wood March 14, 2021

A look inside what's been going on with ASB during distance learning. “Most people think of ASB as poster making and organizing dances. Those are definitely big parts, but overall I would say ASB is...

Op-ed letter to students from VHS teachers

Op-ed letter to students from VHS teachers

The Cougar Press June 21, 2020

Our dear high school students, tomorrow’s leaders,   Life and History, in the forms of a virus and the largest racial uprisings of your lifetime, have perhaps taught you more in the last twelve weeks...

From right to left, freshmen Sinthia Cardenas, Arkiran Khiara, and Vanessa Mercado practicing the alto part of Holiday Film Festival, arranged by Alan Billingsley. Photo by: Juliana Jacobson

They harmonize before the sunrise

Juliana Jacobson October 25, 2019

Members of Company, Ventura Unified all district Choir, sing before everyone wakes It was 6:16 a.m. on Oct. 8, the sky had slowly started the process of changing from black to a cool blue. Outside the...

The blue clock that sits facing the senior lawn from the office side of it. Photo by: Garrett Jaffe

What’s with the blue clocks on the classrooms?

Garrett Jaffe and Douglas Sandford June 3, 2019

This article looks into what the unused clocks that are built throughout Ventura High School’s campus are used for. If anyone has noticed there are out-of-function clocks placed high up on the school...

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