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Op-ed letter to students from VHS teachers

Op-ed letter to students from VHS teachers

The Cougar Press

June 21, 2020

Our dear high school students, tomorrow’s leaders,   Life and History, in the forms of a virus and the largest racial uprisings of your lifetime, have perhaps taught you more in the last twelve weeks than you have learned in our classrooms… if you have been paying attention.   Robbed from t...

They harmonize before the sunrise

From right to left, freshmen Sinthia Cardenas, Arkiran Khiara, and Vanessa Mercado practicing the alto part of

Juliana Jacobson

October 25, 2019

Members of Company, Ventura Unified all district Choir, sing before everyone wakes It was 6:16 a.m. on Oct. 8, the sky had slowly started the process of changing from black to a cool blue. Outside the drama room, 12 kids stood in a loose circle talking and laughing. As more students began to trickle in...

What’s with the blue clocks on the classrooms?

The blue clock that sits facing the senior lawn from the office side of it. Photo by: Garrett Jaffe

Garrett Jaffe and Douglas Sandford

June 3, 2019

This article looks into what the unused clocks that are built throughout Ventura High School’s campus are used for. If anyone has noticed there are out-of-function clocks placed high up on the school buildings. What the clocks are for, at first appears to be somewhat of a mystery, as they appear to...

Opinion: Tardy forgiveness for scholars?

There are only so many hours to sleep and study. Photo by: Doug Sandford

Garrett Jaffe and Douglas Sandford

April 26, 2019

It is true that time management is a cornerstone of productivity; productivity, being an essential skill a student should leave school with. But there is a point at which, no matter how time savvy and efficient a person is and no matter how much time hacks obtained, there simply is not enough time. ...

A look at Cougar Water Polo through the ages: part four

Senior Jackson Ellis going to block a goal. Photo by Julie Ellis 2019.

Garrett Jaffe

March 29, 2019

This is the fourth of four articles interviewing four different generations of  Ventura Water Polo players ranging from 1980 to present. Thirty years since Mark Schmidt played his last Buena ventura water polo game, the Cougar team has grown more popular and more competitive but continues the tradi...

TCP Broadcast #27

TCP Broadcast #27

Ryan King, Acacia Harrell, Liliana Lara, Lola Bobrow, Miles Bennett, Caroline Marsden, and Jezel Mercado

March 18, 2019 ATTENTION TEACHERS: If you are a teacher playing the broadcast for strictly for informational purposes, you can end it at 2:30. After that it is just lighthearted entertainment.

VHS on the big screen: class of 2018 gifts marquee to school

The marquee in its original location. After an evening color test resulted in complaints from hillside residents who could see the sign, VHS is planning to relocate the marquee to another part of the school. Photo by: Micah Wilcox

Sailor Hawes and Micah Wilcox

February 18, 2019

On Monday, January 28, a marquee sign had been installed by room 104/105 at the front of the Senior Lawn. According to ASB Advisor Ann Larson, the sign had been donated by the seniors from the class of 2018 “in an attempt to create more communication on campus.” Class of 2018 alumnus M...

Cougars describe themselves in one word: I am…

Cougars describe themselves in one word: I am...

Trinity Taylor and Jessica Johnson

January 30, 2019 Filmed and edited by: Trinity Taylor and Jessica Johnson

TCP Broadcast_019

TCP Broadcast_019

Ryan King, Acacia Harrell, Lola Bobrow, Caroline Marsden, Jezel Mercado, and Jack Schatzman

January 14, 2019

Photo story: Cardboard boat races

Photo story: Cardboard boat races

Archer Herring and Janelle Chavira

November 24, 2018

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Hypebeasts of VHS: Does brand wear equal good style?

Hypebeasts of VHS: Does brand wear equal good style?

Janelle Chavira, Saida Delgadillo, and Tanya Turchyn

October 17, 2018

In popular culture, a new term has come into use in the past few years: “hypebeast” - a person who puts in substantial effort to observe all the latest “hyped-up” trends, whether it be in fashion or another component of popular culture. More than a few Ventura High School students can be see...

Cleaning up one sweep at a time

Sophomore Simon Brown doing his part by recycling his water bottle. Photo by: Jessica Johnson

Julia Davies and Jessica Johnson

October 16, 2018

What happens when you throw your trash on the ground? Most students don’t even know the names of our custodians who have to pick it up. Every day, Daniel Sandoval and Ray Morales keep our campus clean, making it a beautiful environment to learn in. They are given very little appreciation for such a ...

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