Maxey: the teenage cougar


Emily Distefano

Ventura High School math teacher, Daniel Maxey, was on social media from the Thomas Fire assembly in the VHS Senior Lawn on Friday, January 12.

He caught VHS students attention when he was spotted on top of the roof videoing the assembly. Maxey is commonly known for his iconic sayings, his UCLA shirts, videoing sports games, and his overall humor. But besides that, how much do students really know about him?

Mr Maxey teaching his sixth period math class. Photo by: Emily Distefano

When asked about his background before teaching, he replied with comical answers.

When asked if he grew up in Ventura, Maxey replied, “No, I grew up in a barn.” When asked where the barn he grew up in was located, he replied with “San Jose.” He then joked when asked how long he stayed there by saying he was there “until they foreclosed on it.”

Another thing that’s well known about Maxey is that he’s been teaching at VHS for many years. “I’ve been teaching here for too long,” said Maxey. How many years to be exact? “More than one,” responded Maxey.

Although he’s full of jokes, he’s said to be a favorite math teacher of VHS. “My favorite thing about him is his personality,” shared junior Scott Landsverk, who has Maxey sixth period.   

Maxey is a “super fan” on campus and films every football game. He encourages all students to go the sporting events, since he’s a strong supporter of “Cougar Country!”