Kook or Duke?


William Maxwell

Jonathon Duke is a junior, new to the Ventura High School lifestyle.  All throughout his life he went to Ojai schools and is just now realizing how different the schooling is there.  

At Ojai Valley school upper campus, he was in classrooms of four to five people with very close teaching from his teacher. “I feel like I got a lot more one on one with the teachers in a small classroom compared to a big classroom where you don’t get as much,” stated Duke.  

Duke also said that VHS’s campus is a lot larger and he doesn’t like walking so far to his classes.

As well as classes, the sports were a big difference to Duke as well: “The sports programs are a lot better and it’s just nice to meet new people.”  

Duke also mentions how the vibes of people at VHS are a lot more laid back than Ojai. It was easy for Duke to make friends at VHS being part of a sports team and he’s appreciative of that.