Opinion: Should guns be allowed in schools?


William Maxwell

Infographic by: Christian Caudillo and Gage Gregorchuk

I believe teachers should be allowed to carry guns at school, but only after certain training and after they are taught the proper safety techniques of how to use a gun.  This could be helpful due to the school shootings that have happened in America.

If a shooter were to know that teachers have guns, logically they would be less likely to attempt anything due to the fact that there could actually be return fire.

Freshman Joe Lowry stated, “I think teachers should be allowed to have guns in school because in case of a shooter they would be able to protect the kids in their class.”  

Mr. Cherrie said, “I personally do not want to carry a gun, however I believe that there is less likely to be a shooter if they know the teachers have guns.”  

Senior Gabe Levassuer added, “I believe teachers should not be allowed to carry hand guns at school because they have as much capability as anyone else that owns a gun to open fire at any moment. Yes not every teacher is like that and it would be for safety reasons but that’s why we have an officer on campus.”