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Opinion: Volume I: The modern issue with beauty

Riley Ramirez and Peyton Redmond March 19, 2021

(Trigger Warning): A preview to the relations between social media, ED’s and self-esteem. Being a teenager in today’s world is being overwhelmed with the media and being harmfully influenced due to...

This map depicts the many town areas in the city of Guadalajara. According to the World Population Review about 5,179,479 people inhabit Guadalajara. Photo by: Alexis Mendoza

Opinion: Is Mexico in your travel plans?

Alexis Mendoza January 28, 2021

If not, it should be. Ever since quarantine began, many students have wondered when they would have the chance to travel again. During these hard times, COVID-19 rates have skyrocketed to record numbers...

Why does one religion's text get more representation than others? Having bibles in hotel rooms isn't fair to everyone else. Photo by: Livia Vertucci

Opinion: Should we separate church and hotel?

December 7, 2020

BYOB (Bring your own Bible).  Religion has been around for thousands of years. With thousands of different faiths and beliefs, why is it that only one religious text is provided in hotels? Over the break,...

Opinion: “Click to Cross the Stage” just isn’t the same thing

Opinion: “Click to Cross the Stage” just isn’t the same thing

Charlotte D'Orsi May 15, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has robbed seniors across the nation of a true sense of accomplishment.   When VUSD schools were initially closed until April 10, I’m not going to lie, I was pretty...

Opinion: Uncut Gems will have you on edge in more ways than one

Opinion: Uncut Gems will have you on edge in more ways than one

Charlotte D'Orsi February 4, 2020

Adam Sandler’s vulgarity in his new movie is comedic but slightly uncomfortable.   Adam Sandler demonstrates one of his best acting performances yet in the recently released movie “Uncut Gems.”...

Opinion: What is the best burrito in Ventura?

Opinion: What is the best burrito in Ventura?

Caroline Marsden, Greta Pankratz, and Alina Calamia January 22, 2020 by Greta Pankratz, Caroline Marsden, and Alina Calamia.

(Pictured left to right) Seniors Sammie Prehn, Rita Soriano-Flores, and Julianna Garcia racing hard in their sport, cross country. Photo by: Bill Tokar

Opinion: Leave the running to runners, not your mouth

Peyton Redmond January 16, 2020

Think that track and cross country are fake? Take a look in the mirror, poser. I am so sick and tired of hearing all you haters saying that track and cross country aren’t “real” sports. Have you...

‘Tis the season to grab a blanket and watch “The Santa Clause”

‘Tis the season to grab a blanket and watch “The Santa Clause”

Yasmin Myers December 19, 2019

 Every other Christmas movie is inferior and that’s just facts [dropcap size=small]o[/dropcap]nce Thanksgiving ends, the festive spirit grows, just like the Grinch’s heart did on Christmas day. Holiday...

Jaquette's journey through physics

Jaquette’s journey through physics

Connor Lynch December 3, 2019

Students share thoughts about Jaquette’s physics teachings Ventura High School’s physics teacher, Christopher Jaquette, strongly encourages students to wonder about the subject. Jaquette considers...

 As technology evolves and tying becomes the go-to method of recording thoughts, cursive is decreasing in relevancy. Media by: Yasmin Myers

Prepare students for the future, abandon cursive

Yasmin Myers and Riley Ramirez November 15, 2019

Out with the old, in with the new [dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]ome teachers may have required cursive in the past, but it is quickly fading away from the handwriting of teen students. Cursive is simply...

TikTok is taking over

TikTok is taking over

Shannon David and Jocelyn Lee October 22, 2019

Students are finding fame on the popular app TikTok TikTok is the popular social media app formerly known as that has found its way into the hands of teens all over the world. This app allows...

French Teacher, Sebastien DeClerck stands in front of his world map which he uses to educate his students on geography since it is no longer offered at Ventura High School. Photo by: Charlotte D'Orsi

Monolingualism: the illiteracy of the 21st century

Charlotte D'Orsi September 23, 2019

In 2009, the United States Census Bureau reported that only 20 percent of Americans speak a second language besides English, that’s 61 million out of 305 million, so, in other words, not a lot of people....

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