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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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Avry Girtsman 25 said, I loved the descriptions in the book. Her journey was really powerful and I couldnt stop reading. Graphic by: Brody Daw

Opinion: Every high schooler should read “Educated”

Sophia Denzler and Brody Daw March 20, 2024

Tara Westover’s memoir reminds students how education is a privilege “Educated,” by Tara Westover, is a powerful biography that follows a young girl throughout her life and her quest for an education....

Cade West 25 said,  This is not the boba truck owners fault. Photo by: Isabel Andrade

Boba Truck at lunch, a disaster

Lily Brown and Isabel Andrade February 23, 2024

Why was there a boba truck if almost everyone in line wasn’t going to get any? On Feb.15, VHS had a boba truck come on campus during lunch break. The truck that came by was called Boba+Bites. Many people...

1989 (Taylors Version), Speak Now (Taylors Version) by Taylor Swift, Guts by Olivia Rodrigo, The Record by boygenius and Lets Start Here by Lil Yachty. Graphic by: Isabella Fierros

Music of 2023: A Year in Review

Christian Montecino February 9, 2024

What were some of the best albums of last year? 2023 was nothing short of a great year for music. Whether it be straight from the artist themselves, or newly adapted music for films, there have been countless...

The movie Priscilla had a box office gross of $19,602,138 dollars. Graphic by: Brody Daw

Cougar Critique: “Priscilla”

Brody Daw and Sophia Denzler December 3, 2023

Our thoughts and opinions on the movie “Priscilla” Written and directed by Sofia Coppola, the A24 film “Priscilla” released on Oct. 27 following Priscilla Presley and world famous singer Elvis...

Lockers are automatically assigned to underclassmen on the first day of school, which provides a secure and local place for storing equipment. Photo by: Nathan Lopez

Opinion: Some seniors are left locker-less

Nathan Lopez October 11, 2023

Where is your locker? Seniors who went to their orientation a week before the first day of school had the option to sign a piece of paper to request a campus locker. Now, a month later, some seniors are...

Homework might not be very popular, but its the most efficient and effective way to solidify learning and knowledge in students. Graphic by: Isabella Fierros

Opinion: Homework or no work?

Christian Montecino September 22, 2023

Is homework actually beneficial for students? Whether we like it or not, homework is something that we’ll never get rid of. It may be tedious, boring and repetitive at times, but without homework, we...

The original voice of Ariel in the cartoon The Little Mermaid film, Jodi Benson, appeared in the new film as a seller at the town market. Graphic by: Ava Mohror

Cougar critique: “The Little Mermaid”

Ava Mohror June 12, 2023

The new live-action rendition of “The Little Mermaid” made a splash in theaters   Disney’s cartoon film “The Little Mermaid” was originally released in November of 1989. Over 30 years...

Cougar catnip: Enough with the cloudy skies

Cougar catnip: Enough with the cloudy skies

Soraya Stegall June 1, 2023

 What in the world is with this disgustingly depressing weather? If the nearing of finals wasn't enough doom and gloom, we have to come to school under this ugly gray blob of sadness. Come on! It’s...

Anton Chigurh, one of the characters in No Country for Old Men, looks completely devoid of human emotion, and incapable of feeling any remorse for his victims. Graphic by: Christian Montecino

Cougar critique: “No Country for Old Men”

Christian Montecino May 11, 2023

How the Coen brothers crafted one of the most iconic villains to date Ethan and Joel Coen are no strangers to making movies with incredible antagonists. Tom Chaney from “True Grit,” Marge from “Fargo”...

Cougar critique: “Untamed”

Cougar critique: “Untamed”

Kendall Garcia May 10, 2023

This non-fiction No. 1 New York Times bestseller leaves readers questioning things about their own lives “Untamed” is a memoir by Glennon Doyle published in March of 2020 by The Dial Press. The book...

Socratic seminars are regularly used in VHS English classes for all grade levels, but the method is seemingly outdated. Graphic by: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: Get rid of socratic seminars

Kendall Garcia May 2, 2023

Socratic seminars in classrooms can be anxiety provoking for students and are negatively affecting the classroom environment Socratic seminars are a method used to try to understand information by creating...

Students have received very little proper sexual education. Graphic by: Soraya Stegall

Opinion: Let’s talk about sex-ed for all four years of high school

Sophia Nacu and Soraya Stegall April 25, 2023

Why barely one-quarter of sexual education at VHS just isn’t enough During their freshman year, VHS students are required to take a course in health. This class is paired with college and careers. Since...

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