75th Anniversary of The Cougar Press
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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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The Student News Site of Ventura High School

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75th Anniversary of The Cougar Press
VHS students showing their off-campus passes at the parking lot entrance. At the start of lunch, a long line often forms at the parking lot entrance. This image was taken in the middle of lunch, when less students were making their way to the lot. Photo by: Ruby Lacques

Opinion: Don’t have an off-campus pass?

Ruby Lacques, Jane Armstrong March 10, 2023

VHS administration keeps pushing the boundaries of its power; when will it stop?   On Feb. 24, the morning announcements made two changes to the VHS student parking lot rules. As of Feb. 27, students...

TikTok influencer Alix Earle who goes by @alixearle on the social media platform has been dominating the GRWM (get ready with me) trend since December of 2022. Graphic by: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: Alix Earle is the new Charli D’Amelio

Ella Duncan and Kendall Garcia March 8, 2023

22-year-old Alix Earle has gained over two million followers in the past two months Alix Earle is a fourth-year student attending the University of Miami. Earle began posting on TikTok in 2020 but gained...

During the show, Rihanna quickly touched up her makeup with one of her Fenty Beauty products while the song All of the Lights by Rihanna played. Graphic by: Lourdes Almalab

Opinion: Rihanna scores big at the 2023 Super Bowl

Lourdes Almalab and Belen Hibbler February 24, 2023

RiRi and her special guest stole the spotlight from whoever was playing On Feb. 12, Rihanna performed her well-awaited halftime show at the 57th Super Bowl. While people were betting on her opening song,...

The directors of Everything Everywhere All At Once, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, are known for their extremist humor and have worked on other projects together including Swiss Army Man and DJ Snakes Turn Down for What music video. Graphic by: Jane Armstrong

Opinion: “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is a promising frontrunner for this year’s Oscars

Jane Armstrong February 10, 2023

The absurdist multiverse drama is nominated for 11 Academy Awards, including best picture   The 2022 film “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is a bizarre and heartwarming drama directed by...

Girl Interrupted, tackles important topics of mental illness and portrays the hardships that arise from being a teenage girl with mental health issues. Graphic by: Jane Armstrong

Opinion: What is wrong with “Girl Interrupted”

Jane Armstrong and Sophia Nacu February 10, 2023

Mental illness depicted in movies can be revolutionary but over romanticized, why is that?   The romanticization of suffering and mental illness within our society today is prevalent. The need...

As of Feb. 7th Spirited Away earned ¥30.4 billion, and was the highest grossing film in Japanese history. graphic by: Anastasia Nisky

Movie review: Chaos occurs when a young girl moves to a new city.

Anastasia Nisky and Brianna Ramirez February 10, 2023

“Spirited Away” depicts a lost girl in a spirit world trying to save her parents and get back home “Spirited Away” is an animated motion picture from Japan created by Hayao Miyazaki. It was released...

Visual comparison of the old bathroom passes compared to the new ones. Graphic by: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: Bring back VHS’s old bathroom passes

Kendall Garcia February 10, 2023

 Students at VHS must carry passes with their first and last name, classroom room number, date, time and the place they are headed In the second semester of the 2021-22 school year, a new school rule...

This photo was taken on Wednesday, Dec. 14th, after school at the entrance of VHSl. Photo by: Kinda Mehael

Opinion: After-school traffic on Wednesdays is a nightmare!

Kinda Mehael January 18, 2023

Can after school traffic at VHS be prevented? Every Wednesday since the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, students at VHS have been getting out at 2:40 p.m., as there are no 7th-period classes on...

Cougar catnip: Wearing sports jerseys and dignity are mutually exclusive

Cougar catnip: Wearing sports jerseys and dignity are mutually exclusive

Alejandro Hernandez January 11, 2023

I often see people, especially men, wearing the sports jerseys of professional athletes. It’s laughably self-deprecating. It’s the equivalent of saying, “look at how cool this other man is!” Wearing...

The 2022 film Terrifier 2 is the third installment of the Terrifier franchise and follows the story of Art the clown as he attacks the people of Miles County. The film was directed by Damien Leone and was made six years after the second installment, Terrifier, and nine years after the first installment, All Hallows Eve. Graphic by: Jane Armstrong

“Terrifier 2” is anything but terrifying

Ruby Lacques and Jane Armstrong December 2, 2022

 Overdramatized violence makes the third installment of the horror franchise lack substance and weakens the plot On Oct. 6, the sequel to 2016’s “Terrifier” hit the theaters, “Terrifier 2.”...

High school relationships and hookups happen each year on campus. High school is a place full of love, lust and heartbreak. Graphic by: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: Relationship or hookup, the choice is yours

Kendall Garcia November 23, 2022

Relationships and hookups in high school are short-lived but full of life lessons to students, such as honesty and boundary setting The year is 2022, and once again, high school relationships have taken...

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