The extent of eyelash extensions


Sarah Clench

Watch the slideshow to see VHS students and their experiences with eyelash extensions.

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More and more female students at Ventura High School have been seen wearing 2018’s latest trend, eyelash extensions. Lash extensions can vary in length, volume and style and range from $100 to $300.

To some, lash extensions cause few problems; senior Sammy Zanini explained, “I barely wear makeup anyways but it just helps, like I do not have to put mascara on or anything, so for me it saves a lot of time and I love them.”

Similarly, junior Kaitlyn Berry stated, “To me they are so worth it because it saves a lot of time in the morning and your lashes will be on point 24/7.”

However, senior Camryn Frost had a different experience: “They were super fun and easy to get ready, but eventually my eyes started to not agree with the glue and they got super swollen.”

Junior Kayla Cornwell added, “I do know girls that love them, but I was so happy when I got them off. They kind of ruined my lashes. Now I barely have any and they are really short, but they will grow back.”

According to Lash Bomb, some allergic reactions are a result of allergies, not the lashes or glue themselves. For individuals allergic to the glue however, some salons have an allergen-sensitive option. To read the full article from Lash Bomb about allergic reactions, click on the words “Lash Bomb,” highlighted in yellow.

Below is a video of VHS students who have eyelash extensions.