John Simon: surfer extraordinaire


“Surfing [allows] you to see really cool things that not everyone gets to see.” says John Simon, senior. picture from: @salty_turtlz

Sally Niebergall

“[Surfing] gives me an adrenaline rush, and it makes me happy. It makes me feel like I’m flying,” said John Simon, senior at Ventura High school.

Most high school students can attest that they don’t have enough time for a job during the school year, let alone know what career they will pursue in the future. When it comes to working, Simon is not like most high school students.

John Simon shaping one of his newest surfboards. Photo from: @salty_turtlez

Simon has created a business for himself at the young age of seventeen, allowing him to sell and market his hand-made surfboards, setting him “ahead of the game” compared to many high school students.

“The starting price for a board under 5’11” is $550 dollars, and $1,050 for a board that is 11’ and up.” says Simon. Simon wishes to create a reliable career from selling his surfboards, and wants to spend his life traveling and surfing. “I hope that I can build boards for a living, and that I can have enough money to travel the world all year round, and surf,” Simon stated.

“Surfing [allows] you to see really cool things that not everyone gets to see.” says John Simon, senior. Photo from: @salty_turtlz
Simon has been surfing for approximately five years, and has been making surfboards for two and a half years. When asked what got him into shaping surfboards, Simon responded with, “Me and my friends really wanted to make surfboards we didn’t already have, so we just started making them.” Simon has shaped approximately 68 surfboards, and is most proud of the asymmetrical surfboards he has created.

Although money, and his growing business plays a big part in Simon’s life, it’s not the only thing on his mind. Surfing is his priority. “A perfect day of surfing is four to five foot waves at rincon, on a Friday evening with all my buddies on the beach,” Simon explained, “Surfing makes me happy.”