What to know about Props One and Two


Acacia Harrell

Propositions One and Two are two items on California’s ballot being voted in 2018’s midterm elections. Their focus is largely on homelessness. According to the Ventura County Star, Ventura County’s homeless population has grown by 13 percent in 2018.

Both propositions address different aspects of homelessness and what they believe is the best way to solve them. Proposition One focuses on housing veterans. It investing $1 billion to help veterans afford homes, building housing for homeless children and families, creating ownership opportunities for families and creating supportive housing for people with disabilities and domestic violence victims.

It argues that this action is needed especially because California has the largest population of homeless veterans. Proposition One also argues that it is expected to create tens of thousands of jobs and strengthen the economy.

There is however, some opposition to Proposition One with regards to accumulation of debt, cost to the public and property tax.

Proposition Two would ratify existing law to establish the No Place Like Home Program. This program finances housing for people with mental illness and mentions consistency with the Mental Health Services Act. The Act authorizes up to $2 billion (in previously authorized bonds) to finance the program.

Counselor and advisor of Teen Voice and Interact clubs Sonja Frias helps students participate in several events that include supporting Ventura’s homeless population. “I do feel something significant needs to happen to assist families with obtaining housing options that are viable,” stated Frias.