Is the Pacific View Mall outdated?


The Pacific View Mall is the closest mall for students at VHS to shop at, although according to Franks and Dominguez, it is “not the best around.” Photo by: Saida Delgadillo

Saida Delgadillo

If you have lived in Ventura for a majority of your life-like I have, I am sure that you would agree to the fact that the Pacific View Mall is one of the most plain shopping centers around. Sure this mall has certain stores that some may like, but for me, and possibly other kids my age, the store options are super limited. According to Pacific View’s website, it has been around since November 12, 1964 and the mall in total has 144 stores and services.

Senior Nick Dominguez expressed to the Cougar Press that he loves fashion and feels as if the mall has no “fashionable stores.” Photo by: Saida Delgadillo

When I am traveling and visiting other places outside of Ventura, I am always trying to find the nearest mall. Every time I come across a new one, I find myself comparing it to the mall close to home. The reason I seem to be constantly doing this is because I long for the Pacific View Mall to have a huge renovation and add in some new stores with larger well-known brands such as Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, or even Fila. I myself do not shop at high-end stores, although I do care about the mall providing store options for everyone.

Melia Franks, a freshman a Ventura High School, said, “The Pacific View Mall gives me a headache.” Franks also stated that she chooses to shop at other cheaper places such as thrift stores since she believes that the mall is too expensive. Photo by: Saida Delgadillo

In addition to the store options, I’m always in awe of either the architecture of the other mall, the stores inside of it, or the restaurants that they provide. The Pacific View has been the same for as long as I can remember and nothing has changed which ultimately causes it to be outdated and boring.

Freshman Melia Franks gave her view on the Pacific View Mall: “Personally I hate the mall because I never have money to shop and I don’t really shop at any of the stores there anyways.” Along with Franks, Senior Nick Dominguez added, “I dislike the Ventura mall because they don’t have many stores that I like and it is very old-looking which makes it boring.”

It seems that the Ventura Mall has little to zero good stores and doesn’t provide many store options for high school students to shop at. As of right now, the Pacific View has undergone work on its Target, but that is it. Their Target is now updated and more urban looking but that is only one store out of 144. Personally, I just feel this mall needs to be upgraded.